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15 Best Websites to Watch Music Videos Online

Website to Watch Music Videos Online

There was a time when everyone preferred watching music videos but in this era of binge-watching everyone is switching to watching web series and all they do is wait for the upcoming web series and tv shows. Just as there are many websites to watch new web series and tv series just like that apart from YouTube, there are many music video platforms available. You can also check genyoutube download photo.

Today’s article is the answer to the question i.e What are the best websites to Watch Music Videos Online? And if you’re the one looking for answers to the same question, then we recommend keeping reading this article.


Music videos are amazingly popular online, as many people feel that this is the best way to relax our minds. Manish, my best friend is very passionate to explore music videos, daily he explores lots of music videos from his favorite singer and as do I. Every tech-savvy knows these cool websites to watch music videos for free. But unfortunately, not all people are familiar with these websites. So to help these people I decided to publish this article about web services letting you freely stream full-length music videos, create video playlists, share them with friends, and so on. Pro tip – some of the following services may be not available in your country. So check out Paid Proxy Services Screen for advice to learn more about Proxy Services.

There are lots of different websites out there that show free music videos but below you will read about those websites which differ from the rest of the crowd. Also, there are some of the best alternatives you will find.

So let’s start with :

1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular and huge hubs for music videos in different categories. You can watch and share your videos with friends, family, and the world. There is no limit to explain about this amazing website by Google.

2. Yahoo Music

Yahoo Music is another good website too, here you will find all the new music and exclusive video performances on Yahoo! Music. There is a great collection of 1000s of music videos from all of your favorite artists online for free. This website only has one drawback it only works in the US and UK.

3. MTV Music

MTV is another cool website where you can watch all the full-length music videos and video playlists for free. MTV is one of the best Music channels worldwide with a great collection of music videos. Also can get up to date Celebrity and Music News from this website.

4. Metacafe

Metacafe is one of the world’s largest video sites, serving the best music videos, like another website here you can also get a variety of music videos freely.

5. MuchMusic

MuchMusic is Canada’s No. The1 destination for music videos live performances plus music downloads, ringtones, artist profiles, concert listings & music countdown. So here you can get news about artists to which is also good merit of this website.

6. Vevo

One thing which I really like about this website is that it takes music videos from all over the Internet and puts them all together so you can easily view all the free music videos you want to see. You can view the videos by genre, most viewed, and recently added. You can also use the search box to search for a particular video or artist. This website has one drawback i.e. The website is available for people in the US and UK. But you can watch VEVO @ YouTube

6. MySpace

MySpace is one of the world’s largest social networks, with about 125 million users. Originally inspired by Friendster, MySpace quickly, here you can easily watch music videos and directly you can share those Music videos with your friends in a single click with your friends.

7. Aol Music

At AOL you can watch free music videos, tune in to AOL Radio, get free music downloads, read music news, and listen to new songs from your favorite bands and artists.

8. Vh1

VH1 entertains you with your favorite tv shows, music videos, celebrity news, photos, live performances, special events, and also live music performances on VH1 Unplugged, and you can also watch some of the latest music video premieres.

9. Music Video Genome

The Music Video Genome is an amazing website to view free music videos and collects videos from various websites and presents them in a new way. Basically, this website is like Pandora where you search for a particular artist, and a radio station is created for that artist. You can also look and share your favorite videos with your friend’s social share feature.

10. Yallwire

Yallwire is also the last and best website of my collection which provides you free Country music videos including country music videos, Christian music videos, bluegrass music videos, and country music video codes.

11. Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the best websites to watch videos. The team of puts the videos first and give you the best ways to share, discover, and be inspired. Its hub for high-quality videos and the people who love them. Also you will get the full detail about a team which is behind music video.

12. is another website to check some music videos. Here you can search videos by Your Favorite Artists for Free.

13. ChartBRAIN

ChartBRAIN lets you watch the top music videos online for free. This website took best music charts on the web and turn them into streaming video playlists.

14. Muzu.Tv

At Muzu TV you can watch official music videos, documentaries, TV shows, interviews, behind the scenes, tutorials and loads of exclusive and rare footage but unfortunately it’s only for citizens of the United Kingdom.

15. Video Detective

This is last website which we feel is the best way to watch and share movie trailers, game, TV, and especially music videos from the world’s largest destination of entertainment previews.

So these are the 15 best to watch music videos for free, we tried every effort to pick the best website for you guys. And still there are lots of amazing web service available for you over the internet and number is increasing daily. But we compiled which are evergreen and best for you. If you feel we forget to share any good name comment section is all yours .

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