Top Rated Omegle Alternatives To Talk To Strangers

We all are looking for platforms that could serve us as a reliable mode to talk to strangers. There are modes that are extremely popular by virtue of their security, diversity and acceptance at large. While Omegle Plus is considered reliable in this context, other platforms too are emerging as reliable mode.

What if your video chatting game could be upped a few notches? Emerald chat has all provisions for ensuring that your video chatting experience could be bettered through interesting components. 


How Emerald Chat has ended up revolutionizing the video chatting scenario is through the tinge of fiction it offers. The site assigns its users with a cool avatar picture. The users are also assigned a username. This avatar and username then become an identifier point for each user.

Chat Anonymously

While Omegle Plus offers chatting facilities in anonymity, Emerald chat gives it a fictional twist. The chatting can be initiated without enrolling for or seeking any registration. You also do not face any sort of hassles with respect to the connection.

As opposed to your real details and real identity, anonymity is also maintained through the avatar. You might as well develop your avatar character and talk to strangers all you want. This brings about a fresh air of exuberance to the otherwise boring video chats. 

Experiment with Avatars

When you get a cool avatar and get to pick the username of your choice, it becomes your identity on Emerald chat. This also ensures that your identity is well hidden behind the confines your cool Avatar that the platform has to offer.

Don’t we all love an element of fiction in our daily conversations? Emerald chat puts that desire into reality. It is the best and most preferred way to communicate without inhibitions and apprehensions. You can experiment with multiple avatars and add a tinge of flirtatiousness to your conversations.

No Registration 

With Emerald chat, you do not need to get under the hassle of providing your communication details. It does not seek your email ID to initiate an account or even a conversation  with Emerald chat. The chatting is effectively anonymous.

There is no disclosure of your personal and private database. Your personal details are not even sought in the first place. As a user, your identity will be strictly hidden and you also get to experiment with the fun Avatars that it has to offer.

Get Awarded with Karma Points

Isn’t the system of rating a pure blessing? Yes it is. The rating system definitely saves time as you would know whether the next person in line is even worth your time? It assists in prima facie assessment of a person based on the prior experiences. 

Karma Point award system of Emerald chat is one such most coveted review feature. It is like a user feedback or certificate of past experiences. It will  be super easy and simple to know who is worth your time and conversation.

The point system also ensures that people are on their best behaviour. Trying to talk to strangers can be risky, but this system keeps people in check. Further, there is also another way to ensure that you are indeed interacting with good people- you can filter the karma point review to high. This filter would perfectly ensue that you will only get good matches.

Free Usage

There is absolutely no requirement for providing any sort of payment details. Your credit card details will never be sought. The services of Emerald chat are absolutely free. You don’t have to purchase any subscription. There is no need to engage in any long-term commitment with respect to finances.

Emerald chat also has a Gold plan subscription which is optional in nature. You can purchase it only if you desire and the site will not pose any sort of pressure to purchase it. The upgradation is totally voluntary in nature and you do not need to get under any sort of monetary commitment.  

Chat with Strangers

It can be liberating to talk to strangers, and Emerald chat makes it so easy. You do not just fund strangers, you find prospective friends. All people on the platform will have a similar intention of making sure that they have a good time. 

It provides further opportunities to tally your interests. You can also check if they are your type by messaging them before starting the video chat.

Filtering the Data

With Emerald chat, you can filter out the requisite parameters. Once your parameters are aptly set, you can attain the kind of results that you seek. You can filter out the people based on their gender, location, and even their preferences. Hence, the filtering is extremely effective.

Thus, with efficient filtering, you meet and chat with the people who are more relevant to your liking and interest. You do not have to engage in any sort of futile banter. Any and every conversation you have on the platform will only be full of entertainment. 

Get Rid of Loneliness

Being alone or trapped in an environment wherein you can not go out can take a toll on your mental health. But, you do not have to struggle with loneliness when you have the assistance of a site as free and as fun as Emerald chat. 

Even if there are external restrictions of movements or you are placed outside of your native land, you can still chat with people. Furthermore, as compared to other sites, emerald chat has much more to offer.

It ensures that fun conversations are attained through a perfect set up of Avatar, chat rooms and usernames. So, there is no room for loneliness in the chat rooms of Emerald chat.


If you have been an ardent user of the features that Omegle Plus offers, you would have been a fan of Emerald chat. The platform has attained massive user response ever since its inception. It offers an element of surprise, fiction, fun and entertainment. There is no room for any sort of loneliness or boredom.

There are other options for you to try as well. Two of the most popular are ometv and chatroulette, so check them out!

You have to try the site to know why it is emerging as the next big in the video chat industry. So, wait no more and have fun with your newly found avatar. 

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