Thinking Outside The Tackle Box With Fishing Drones


I may well be the worst fisherman in North America. Check that, I am the worst fisherman in North America. I like fishing as a hobby though, even when I do not catch anything at all. As they say, a bad day of fishing is better than a great day at work. Being on the lake is reward enough without even getting a nibble.

That said,  I would like to catch more fish. It certainly does make the trip better to actually put some fish in the boat. Clearly, I need to change up what I am doing so I need to think outside the tackle box a bit. That led me to consider using a drone for my fishing trips. I’m sure I am not the first person to come up with this idea, but who knows. And I don’t know if this would be considered cheating or not. I guess it would depend on how I used a drone to catch my fish. There are certain fishing techniques like using a “telephone” in the water that is illegal in most states. Dynamite is also a no-no, not that I would use explosives to catch a fish. I would simply go to the meat section of the grocery store if I needed to go to those extremes.

So how would a drone be useful in catching my scaly friends like crappie, catfish, or even the elusive bass? I could easily use the video camera on a drone to scout out hard to get to areas to see if it would be worth it to venture to that part of the lake. Next, to the banks in clear water, you can sometimes see the fish you are trying to get hold of. A drone could be an extra set of eyeballs to catch the limit for the day.

Another more direct use would be using a drone equipped with a fishing line and a lure. It would be super cool to land a largemouth bass with a flying drone! Not so cool if the fish is big enough to pull the drone under water. A waterproof drone would be a big necessity in this drone fishing world I envision. Or a water-based drone, which would be a remote controlled boat I guess, might be better suited to actually catch the fish by trolling along with the line and bait hooked to it.

Even if these new drone techniques didn’t yield more fish in my net, they would be fun to fool around with at the lake. I don’t catch much the old fashion way so it would be nothing new to get skunked by my fishing partner while I’m using some high tech methods. Just playing around with a drone while on a boat might be a good distraction when the fish aren’t biting anyway. I may have just created a new hobby for myself.

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Shane McLendon
Wannabe geek and FLOW Seeker