12 Best Google Reader Alternatives for News Feeds

Google Reader Alternatives

Looking for some best alternatives to Google Readers to grab news feeds? If yes is your answer, then you must check out this opinion piece.

Google Reader Alternatives

With the world moving in unmatched pace and news flowing in vastly, one need to keep him/her updated all the time and people who are in shares, the service sector and marketing are much dependent upon news RSS feeds. Google reader has been a popular choice amongst the crown now face disappointment since Google has announced that it would stop providing services from Google Reader in the future. The anxiety that remains among the crowd is always about an alternative source for their news feed and luckily there are sources that provide this service and there is no news of their termination from the service in near future. Although Google Reader has served efficiently so the skepticism remains, if the other providers could match up to the expectation.

We have managed to search best Google Reader Alternatives for Mac, Windows, Android and Online that can come to your rescue. Following are some sources that provide the service of RSS news feeds:

Google Reader Alternative Online

1. Feedly

Feedly is a single place to collect read and share what matters to you. Get started by finding and following 3 sites you love to read. This RSS reader app previously allowed users to sync their Google Reader and later can see the feed in a format close to that of a traditional magazine.

2. Newsblur

The services provided by Newsblur follow the same working principle of Google reader except that Newsblur provides you an extra option for personal customisation and sharing. A little drawback to this service is that it allows max up to 12 sites where you can get feeds from, since it is built as a freemium model. But Newsblur agilely provided a paid version that would cost you around 24$ that subverts the limitation of freemium model.

3. Bloglovin

It’s not exactly a news feed site, but it allows users to follow their favorite blog and gets a constant update whenever there is a new post. The systematic layout makes your navigation even easier. The blogs are categorized according to subjects and user can choose accordingly that most interests them. It is also available as app in iOS platform.

4. Bloglines

Similar in structure of Bloglovin except here you can get both the news as well blog feed that too in real time. Bloglines also provides the same level of customisation and sharing capabilities of Bloglovin except it has better widgets. The popularity of Bloglovin expands as numerous as 2 million users. It also has an app for both desktop and mobile.

5. Netvibes

No doubt, that few of us also love Netvibes, which is very identical to Google reader once you switch from the default mode. Netvibes also has much functionality in comparison to Google Reader. But for using some of its features, you have to pay money which is very fair. And if we talk about importing Reader OPML files into Netvibes, all you have to do is click “add content” and click “import”

6. The Old Reader

The Old Reader is the ultimate RSS reader, which is also counted as best Google Reader replacement. Just like the late Google Reader using which web service you will able to  import your subscription with one click a, find your Facebook friend and start sharing with them. You can also check trending stories just by clicking on the option provided at the left side of the page.

7. Twitter

It’s not an alternative of Google Feed in any manner, but many users also use twitter as a feed reader in a very special way. If you are lighter RSS users and regular twitter use, then you might also love to use twitter as replacement of Google Reader.

Google Reader Alternative for Mac and Windows

1. Tiny Tiny RSS

Tiny Tiny RSS is an open source web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) reader and aggregator, designed to allow you to read news from any location, while feeling as close to a real desktop application as possible.

2. FeedReader

Like above mentioned “Tiny Tiny RSS”,  Feedreader is a freeware Windows application that reads and displays Internet Newsfeeds aka RSS feeds based on XML.

3. RSS Bandit

RSS Bandit is a free, open source new aggregator application that allows you to read news feeds (both RSS and Atom feeds). Its on the .NET Framework and designed for Windows.

Google Reader Alternative for iPhone and Android

1. Taptu

You can also use Taptu to get instant access to all your interests in one beautiful little app. Whether your iPhone, Android, Blackberry and even tablet users you can get this application on your get.

2. Flipboard

Flipboard, how can you forget about this amazing application for Android and iOS device. Its you miss Google Reader, you can also go with Flipboard using which you can get magazine-like mobile option for your favorite feed blogs feeds.

So these are 12 Best Google Reader Alternatives for News Feeds in my opinion, so give a try to these and share opinions with me. Also, don’t forget to share which one you already using and which one you liked the most. For other reviews and suggestions, check out these articles:

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