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How to Increase External Speaker Volume on Your Sony Xperia Z

Today’s article is dedicated to all the Sony Xperia Z users who are disappointed with the low sound quality and volume of the external speakers.

 How to Increase External Speaker Volume on Your Sony Xperia Z

Basically this device is facing that issue because of  the speaker’s water resistance or its small size. But don’t worry if you are facing all this as, XDA Senior ZeroInfinity has found a solution to this problem using which you will be able to increase both external and internal sound volumes with Extra Volume Boost mod.

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What is Extra Volume Boost mod?

Using this mode you can increase the internal and external speaker and headphone volume of all the Sony based stock ROMs and Aosp ROMs

Disclaimer : ”If you are trying this guide then you are responsible for anything you do to your device. Also I’m  not responsible if your device speaker gets damaged or hearing impairment. But If you follow this guide properly you will be on the safe side. If you blame me, I will laugh at you.

How to Install Extra Volume Boost mod?

Installation of this mod is very simple all you need to do is follow below guide:

Things to keep in mind

  • Make sure you have a working custom recovery, CWM or TWRP
  • Also try this mode after making a nandroid backup. So that if you don’t like the mode or you causes issues such as no sound, which one user reported, then you can easily restore the backup 

1. First of all download the modes from below links

2. In recovery menu

  • Select install zip from the SD Card
  • Choose a zip from the SD Card
  • Now browse the files (No wipe is required)

So you’re done, the mode is successfully installed on your device

What if you want to revert the effects of this mode?

If you want to revert the effects of the mode. All you need to do is replace the file called “snd_soc_msm_2x_Fusion3” inside system -> etc -> snd_soc_msm with the original one of the rom you have (if you have just applied the mod for to get the original file re-download the rom and take the file from it )

List of devices on which this mode working fine

Xperia Z=works
Xperia ZL=works
Xperia SP=works
Xperia L=not working
Xperia T=works
Xperia V=works
Xperia TX=not working
Xperia S=not working
Xperia SL=not working
Xperia arc=not working
Xperia acro s=not working
Xperia Ion=not working
Xperia P=not working
Xperia Sola=not working
Xperia U=not working
Xperia Go=not working
Xperia J=not working

This mode is tested on above devices and developer got positive result. So give a try to this application on your device and share your opinion with us whether you like it or not. Also if you have any query of issue related to this mode, visit the original thread.

Grab your attention here

Chances are that your external speakers get broken, if you’re using volume up at maximum level or if the audio file you play is louder by default. So do it at your own risk, because no one will be responsible for this cause.

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