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How to Disable Facebook Messenger from Sharing your Current Location

If you are using Facebook Messenger on your Smartphone but disturbed with location sharing feature of this application, then this article is dedicated especially for you. I know this is an outsize privacy concern for every user who use this app. Before we start this tutorial lets we have little about Facebook messenger for Smartphone.

location on facebook messenger in android and iPhone

Facebook Messenger for Android and iPhone is an amazing app using which you can text your friends for free. Just get Facebook Messenger to instantly reach friends on their smart phones, feature phones and mores. In addition to sending free texts, there are lots of amazing features which you can use using this messenger. This Facebook application for Android and iPhone has one loop hole but after reading this tutorial its going to fix.

So without wasting any second lets we starts with our tutorial about How to prevent Facebook Messenger from sharing your location for single or all conversation. This article is divided into two sections in the first section we will discuss about android devices and second section is about the iPhone.

Prevent Facebook Messenger from Sharing Your Location in Android

1. First of all login to your Facebook Messenger using Android.

2. Now tap of the menu button on the left side and click on settings.

3. Here in this window, click on Messenger Location Services and uncheck which it On by default.

Or if you want to hide your location from particular conversation then follow below steps

1. First of all visit to that chat window in your Facebook Messenger

2. Here you will see an arrow icon, just on the right side of space where you type text.

3. Just click on that and you will get a pop message that, location sharing is off for this conversation.

So this is how you handcuff Facebook Messenger for sharing your location in single or all conversations.

Prevent Facebook Messenger from Sharing Your Location in iOS devices like the iPad and the iPhone

1. First of all login to your Facebook Messenger in your iPhone.

2. Now start a new conversation and you will find an arrow icon on the left side of the text area, this will not share location in that conversation.

3. But if you completely want disable location sharing within the Facebook Messenger, then click on setting of device.

4. After that click on location services.

5. And now scroll down to Facebook Messenger and all you have to do is turn that off and you are done.

So this is how you can disable sharing your location on both Android and iPhone device, but if you change your mind and want to share location with your friend. All you need to do is enable sharing by the same process. I hope this tutorial helps you for sure. But if you face any difficulties related to this tutorial don’t hesitate to share with me.

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