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How to Hide & Send Secret Messages in Facebook Photos [Full Guide]

Hide Secret Messages in Facebook Photos With Secretbook

Facebook has become a very popular website over the years. You like sharing all your pictures to your friends and message them. This social networking website is like an obsession for many friends. You share messages your pictures, where you are and everything to your friends and the world. But sometimes you like send secret messages to your friends through the photos and nothing on Facebook can be secret. It’s a very open website. You want to prevent others from getting what you want to say to someone. This is not possible when use the general Facebook website. It does not let you do it.

Secretbook Google Chrome Extension

There is an option for doing so. This is technically called JPEG Stenography. JPEG Steography is nothing but encoding a secret message with your photo which only the concerned person can read. Owen Campbell-Moore was the person who created a Google Chrome extension. It supports the message encoding in your photos. That means you must have Google Chrome for it.

How to Install Secretbook On Google Chrome

If you have just installed this Secretbook extension on your Google chrome you need to restart your chrome again and open Facebook. This will inform both the extension and the website that you are using this fabulous extension. As I said earlier you need Google Chrome for the extension, you must be sure that you are using your Facebook on the same.

How to Compose your New Secret message:

You have to follow these following steps to compose a new message which will be secretly sent to your fiend you want and don’t worry it will be secret:

1. First of all you must securely send the password of the encoded picture to your friend

2. While on Facebook you need to press ctrl+alt+a to create a message

3. A dialogue box will ask you for the image- chose image file you want to upload. Another box just below it asks for the message to hide. Create the message and post it in any of the albums of your friend. Then type the password to secure it.

4. To check, you must press ctrl+alt+a that the process is done correctly

5. This is an optional one. You can mention your friend like this @ (friend’s name) in the comments to let him know that you put some picture for him

*The secret messaging has not yet been activated for instant messaging in Facebook.

How to Receive a secret message:

1. Open the image in a new tab

2. On the same tab press ctrl+alt+a

3. Enter your secret password

4. Read the secret message encoded.

You can check amazing video by Mashable covering full review of this Secretbook for Google Chrome

This new extension or chrome and being used by many now. It is an awesome extension which lets you play hide and seek with your friends on Facebook socially. All this makes Facebook more interesting and fun to work with. Personally I felt like playing some card magic with my friends on getting a message and another not. This is what everyone loves it for. It is still in development phase but launched. The other part is the secret messaging trough IM it will be coming soon I think. I shall be waiting for it and I think you too.

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