40 Best Custom Themes for Windows 8 Free Download [Deviantart]

windows 8 ecologic

In today’s article we’re intending to share with your answer to question i.e. what the best Windows 8 Theme is. And if you’re looking for some best themes for Windows 8 in 2014 to transform your desktop, then we’re sure that you will definitely love to check this opinion piece cover by us.

Windows 8 is one of the current release of the operating system from Microsoft’s which has lots of amazing features and one out of them is  a customization feature using which you can change the overall look of your desktop. Normally this process takes lots of time if you wonder to do that manually, but you can download custom windows, 8 themes from deviantart where lots of talented artists upload their work. Like this there are some other popular websites from where you can grab a cool theme for your desktop.

Note: As lots of themes are from untrusted sources which contain malware in them so themes advisable to download theme from trusted sites.

The only problem with Windows 8 is that apart from few themes Microsoft’s doesn’t have cool themes under its hood. Windows 8 doesn’t provide you the option to install any other custom theme created by users. But don’t worry, as installing a freeware program called UXthemePatcher you can install any custom theme on Windows 8.

UXthemePatcher patches few windows 8 system files and let you browse through thousand of Windows 8 Theme online for free and install the one which you like the most.

How to Install Custom Themes in Windows 8 using UXthemePatcher 

We all know that Windows 8 not allow you to install custom theme, but using UXthemePatcher you can bypass this issue. So you need to follow below guide to check how you can do that:


1. First of all download UXthemePatcher.

2. After that install it on your system and restart.

3. Now install any custom theme which you want to install on your system.

Note: You also need to download and copy your desired custom Windows 8 Themes to this directory on your system:


Also below in this article you’re going to check some of the best Free Windows 8 Theme for 2014 so give try to our favorite custom themes and let us know which one you liked.

Note: All these themes are from deviantart so you can download and install any theme without any hesitation.

1. Gray8 new red

Gray8 new red
Gray8 new red by gsw953onDA

2. Snow Leopard Grass

Snow Leopard glass by Sagorpbd
Snow Leopard Glass for Win 8 by sagorpirbd

4. Space Bluberries

Space Blueberries
Space Blueberries by neiio

5. SG Flat

SG Flat
SG Flat by s4r1n994n

6. Incomplete VS

Incomplete VS
Incomplete VS for windows 8 RTM by sinopt

7. White Update

White Update
White Update by s4r1n994n

8. Aludin Windows 8 Theme

Alduin W8 Port
Alduin W8 Port. by charleston2378

9. Gnomnit Dark for Windows 8

Gnomnit Dark for Windows 8
Gnomnit Dark for Windows 8 by neiio

10. Aero Design Windows 8 Theme

Aerodesign Windows 8 themes
AeroByDesign For Windows 8 by LiveOrDieTM

11. Win Blue n Red

Win Blue n Red
Win Blue n Red by s4r1n994n

12. Base

Base for Windows 8.1 by link6155

13. Different Touch 8

Different Touch 8
Different Touch 8 by sagorpirbd

14. Holo Visual Style

Holo visual style Windows 8 themes
Holo Visual Style PreFinal Paid and Free Win 8 by bhast2

15. Windows Classic Vs

Windows Classic Vs
Windows Classic Vs by xXiNightXx

15. Abisso

Abisso (dark Visual Style Windows 8 and 8.1) Upd11 by ezio

16. Mild 8

Mild 8
Mild 8 by dIzzEE94

17. Twenty Thirteen

TwentyThirteen for Windows 8 and 8.1 1 by Sand-And-Mercury

18. Glow Windows 8 Theme

Glow Windows 8 themes
Glow by Seahorsepip

19. Elune for Windows 8

Elune for Windows 8
Elune for Windows 8 by neiio

20. Simplex RC

Simplex RC
Simplex RC for Windows 8 by link6155

21. Metro+ Luna

Metro+ Luna
Metro+ Luna by Giro54

22. WhiteDior

WhiteDior Visual Style for Windows 8/8.1 by RidKurn

23. Simple Getuk

Simple Getuk
Simple Getuk by s4r1n994n

24. duMBaSS

duMBaSS Windows 8 themes
dUMBaSS v8 by neiio

25. Nimbus for Win 8

Nimbus for Win 8
Nimbus for Win 8 by neiio

26. Windows 8 Ecology

windows 8 ecologic
Windows 8 Ecologic by phs2

27. Snow Leopard Beta for Win 8

Snow Leopard Beta for Win 8
Snow Leopard by sagorpirbd

28. 8look V3.1 VS

8Look v3.1 VS for Windows 8
8Look v3.1 for Windows 8 by Carborunda

29. Clarity Test Visual Style Win8

Clarity Test Visual Style Win8
Clarity Test Visual Style Win8 by bhast2

30. Qurea

Ourea windows 8 themes
Ourea by neiio

31. Vista 8 Modern Mix

Vista 8 Modern Mix
Vista 8 Modern Mix by MrGRiM01

32. Platinum Theme for Windows 8 rtm

Platinum Theme for Windows 8 rtm
Platinum Theme for Windows 8 rtm by ZEUSosX

33. FOURFX 13 for Windows 8 beta

FOURFX 13 for Windows 8 beta
Platinum Theme for Windows 8 rtm by ZEUSosX

34. Snowy

Snowy Windows 8 themes
Snowy v3.0 by Carborunda

35. Embedded

Embedded for Windows 8 RTM by bhast2

36. Apodia

Apodio by s4r1n994n

37. Aero 8

Aero 8
Aero 8 (Windows 8) by xXiNightXx

38. Dark Windows 8

Dark8 windows 8 themes
dark8 vs for windows 8 by Gr8StyleX

39. Tampoyak

Tampoyak by s4r1n994n

40. Chameleon for 8-v1

Chameleon for 8-v1
Chameleon for 8-v2 by gsw953onDA

You can use the comment section to tell which one you liked. You can also suggest some other themes which we forget to mention here.

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