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List of 9 Best Web Analytics Tools which helps in Google Panda and Penguin recovery

Is your website is been hit by Google latest Panda and Penguin update and now you noticed a sudden drop in your search engine rankings and traffic of your website due these updates?  Then don’t miss to read this article, as today we’re in front of you with some of the best website analysis tools using which you can get the complete idea when, where and Panda & Penguin affected your website.

Note: These tools are not a fix for Panda and Penguin, but these tools will help you in fixing a loophole that exists on your website due to which its affected by these updates.

So without further ado, let us have look at first one i.e.

1. Screaming Frog

Screeming Frog

Its one of the best desktop program which you can install on your Mac or PC. This tool spiders websites links, CSS, images, scripts and apps from as SEO perspective. Screaming Frog fetch all the data from the website and present that in tab which make easier for you to filter for common SEO issue.

2. Penguin Tool

Penguine Tool

If you’ve no idea that which Google’s algorithm updates have impacted your traffic, then you must try Penguine Tool. Using this tool you can see all your Google organic visitor data overlaid with Google’s major algorithm updates, and then dig into your data. This tool is very easy to use simply Login to your Google account and any of your Analytics profiles. Now just one click will show you one view organic traffic & algo updates.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an official web Analytics tool by Goolge which give you every you detail which you need to know about your website. Using this web tool you can measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

4. Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tool

Its another official tool by Google which is used by almost every webmaster over web. Using this tool you can get detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google. This tool is bundled with lots of amazing features using which you can get data, tools and diagnostics for a healthy, Google-friendly site. You can also check HTML errors, backlinks, internal links, crawl errors, index status, page preview and lot more.

5. Visual SEO Studio

Visual SEO Studio

It’s one of the best and easy to use software  which make every SEO task quick and easy. Its an amazing desktop tool with an innovative visual approach to Search Engine Optimization.

6. SEO Workers

SEO Workers

It’s another free and easy to use search engine optimization analysis tools with the help of which you can measure and analyze the ranking potential of your web pages. This tool not only analyze the meta tags of your pages. But also try to work themselves as a spider technology. Using this tool you can check on-site issue, take page screenshot, GA suggestion, custom filters and lot more.

7. Found SEO Tool

Found SEO Tool

Another cool and easy to use online tool which helps you in identifying some common SEO errors with a website. Using this you can home page duplicates, Canonical issue, trailing slashes, internal and external link ratio and lots more.

8. Seoptimer


Seoptimer is good website review and SEO audit tool using which you can review any website and check text/html ratio just with one click in no seconds. As this tool almost provide every detail out of which most of them are covered by SEO worker.

9. Marketing Grader

Marketing Grader

Using this amazing webtool you can analyze your website and provides actionable insights to improve your marketing at free of cost. This tool also looks for your social media presence like your Facebook  and twitter follower and profiles. So give a try to this tool and get your grade now.

Did I forget to tell you that all these tools are free to use and if you need more functionality you can updgrade by paying a little cost. So give a try to these web analytics tools if your website is affected Goolge algorithm and you seriously from recover from this Panda and Penguin. Also share with us your expericenw with these tools, you can also share with us name of tool which I forget to mention in this list.

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