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SEO is essential to business growth, whether you are a startup or an established business. Knowing how and when to use specific SEO tools is key to winning leads and retaining existing ones. But no matter how badly they want to deny it, an SEO strategy is one of the best ways to help them cut search traffic and stay relevant in the market. Many marketers invest in social media content, explainer video marketing, guest posting campaigns, and marketing follow ups. Yet SEO marketing is one of the most important and influential ways to grow your business. 

Although SEO marketing may not yield immediate results, it can secure your long-term income by improving your website’s overall search volume and online presence. 

Year after year, month after month, day after day, a well-thought-out SEO marketing strategy will consistently deliver results for your business, from more organic traffic to higher conversion rates. 

Despite all the hard work in SEO marketing, there are at least thousands, if not millions, of tools that can help you land on search results pages effortlessly and all thanks to the internet.

What are SEO tools? 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for creating and promoting content that your target audience loves and enjoys. No matter how creative a website is, if it doesn’t attract enough visitors, all efforts are wasted. 

Search engine optimization is key to maximising your website’s visibility, which means more visitors and the ability to convert leads into customers.Various search engine optimization solutions are available to help millions of businesses improve their internet presence and stay competitive. 

SEO tools are used by all types of businesses, big or small. SEO tools increase website traffic which has a direct impact on the revenue generated from the website, thereby improving business performance. 

It is a must for any business that wants to improve its customer base and create an optimised website.In short, search engine optimization software helps you increase your website’s visibility on Google. There are many SEO tools available for link building, keyword research, technical SEO, on-page SEO, and more.

Now is the time to outline some of the potential tools you can use to develop a top notch SEO marketing strategy. Here are the top 10 SEO tools for marketers:


Similar to Ahrefs, Semrush is an all in one keyword magic tool. While Ahrefs can be a clear winner for link-focused marketing strategies, when you need a platform that is more focused on keyword research tools, Semrush can stand out. Semrush allows you to:

Semrush is a great SEO tool for marketers

View competitors’ strategies: View your competitors’ paid keywords or advertising texts.

Link Building: Analyses backlinks from other websites to yours.

Using the Keyword Tool: Discover the keywords you need to build your SEO strategy.

Get tips: Get tips on how to increase organic traffic with content optimization.


Serpstat is an SEO and digital marketing solution. The dashboard is simple and friendly, with tools for competitor and keyword research, PPC analysis, and more.

Here are some of Serpstat’s main features that you might find useful:

Serpstat is a SEO tool for marketers

Backlink Analysis: This tool collects backlink data for two years and allows you to track the backlink strategies of other websites

Competitive Analysis: you can monitor your competitors’ keyword strategies and get tips on the best strategies to use

Keyword Research: It includes search volume, SERP analysis, group search, content marketing and more to get a detailed analysis of your website with in-depth PPC and SEO research.


MarketMuse is a content and SEO marketing tool that helps users create better content that resonates with their audience. This is a great tool for medium to large businesses working with SEO writers to create data-driven content marketing strategies. Here are some of the featured features of MarketMuse:

MarketMuse helps content writers get their SEO optimized

Instant Feedback: Provides real-time feedback on how your content covers topics

Content Distribution: Easily set up optimised content distribution

Automation: Automate your content distribution process inventory and content review.

Paraphrase tool is very beneficial  when it comes to SEO. This improves readability, reduces the risk of plagiarism and helps explain the subject better. On the other hand, rewriters are not always accurate and can cause copyright issues. Use to rewrite your content with distinctive original and improved wording. helps find alternative wording to target keywords

Vary the choice of words and the way words are combined to form sentences to achieve uniqueness and creativity in your writing.This Paraphrase tool rewrite your content to make sure it’s free of any spelling mistakes and perfectly crafted to meet the needs of your target audience.

Here are some features of this tool:

Improved functionality: This tool uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to ensure that content is interpreted without errors or delays.

No error results: This paraphrase tool cleanly rewrites content as it works for both accuracy and efficiency.

Multiple Rewrite Modes: It offers five different rewrite modes, allowing you to change the tone and style of your writing without changing the context.

Multi-Language Support: It has 15 different languages ​​to choose from, you can choose any of them to tailor the content according to your needs.

Security and privacy: Content is interpreted with absolute precision and is automatically removed from the tool’s database on reload.

Optimise content: Keep content readable, unique and creative to make it search engine friendly.


Pitchbox is an influencer outreach and content marketing platform that automates the entire outreach process. You can set up recurring awareness campaigns using parameters of your choosing, such as specific domain ratings, page traffic, and more.

Pitchbox helps marketers to build links across other sites

Here are some of the key features that make Pitchbox a popular SEO platform:

Product Overview: It helps you find product review sites

Email Templates: The platform has templates email templates that you can use and can also be customised to suit your style

Campaigns: you can run campaigns to reach influencers, publishers, bloggers, etc

Bing Webmaster

Microsoft Bing Webmaster has a variety of tools that allow users to gain insight into websites such as diagnostics, reports, and SEO tools. There are a number of free tools you can use to help you analyse your site, check keywords, and manage backlinks to create a well-optimised site for organic search.

Here are some of the SEO tools on Bing Webmaster you can use:

Keyword Research: Find out what your audience is searching for and the corresponding amounts of those phrases and keywords

Site Analytics: This allows you to Explore Your Website and Find All Technical SEO Errors

SEO Report: This feature generates a report of your website and website pages so you can identify errors


GrowthBar is a Google Chrome extension that helps users conduct keyword research, monitor SEO rankings, and perform competitive analysis. You can access any website’s data points directly from the search engine results page. Here are some of the cool features that GrowthBar offers:

Growthbar is a Google Chrome extension for keyword research

Word Count: Use it to see your page’s word count in the SERPs

Keyword Suggestions: Find out what you could rank for keywords, plus CPC and search volume

Facebook Ads: See examples of them from a search engine’s perspective search

Moz Pro

From querying your database to monitoring backlink profile, this tool gives you all the basic SEO features you need in one neat package without using multiple platforms. So if you’re a local business and want something inexpensive to help with your SEO marketing strategy, Moz might be a good choice.

Here are some of the tools in Moz Pro:

Reporting: Create consistent SEO performance reports to share “What’s Affecting SEO Performance” with team members

Website Crawler: Analyses up to 3,000 links on any URL

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a white label SEO tool that allows users to create custom SEO reports with full control over customization and branding options.

Here are some of the features you can use to optimise your website performance:

Website Health Audit: Using this tool will provide you with a detailed report of your website performance with practical advice to improve areas of interest.

Keyword Rank Query: You can monitor keyword rankings and view historical data.

Competitor Analytics: View competitor keyword rankings, traffic, and organic and paid search data.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is free and allows you to monitor your website in Google SERP. This can help you understand how Google and your users perceive your site, which will help you optimise it for better performance in search results.

Here are some things about your website that Google Search Console can help you optimise:

Keywords: See what keywords your pages are ranking for

Google Index: Determine which pages are in Google’s index. You can also submit pages to the

Crawl Error Index URL Inspection Tool: Check your site for crawl errors.


SEO tools help marketers increase brand awareness by increasing keyword research and search engine rankings. However, users should consider the specific features and functionality they need before choosing an SEO tool. Many of these tools perform multiple functions, but as an organisation you need to narrow down your needs and research the tool.

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