What Are The Different Types Of SEO Content That Exist Today?

Over 90% of online experiences start with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Google alone owns over 70% of the search engine market. In fact, over a billion people use Google every month. 

When someone searches for your product, service, or business, your web content could appear. It’s not enough to follow the same format each time you post, though. Instead, mix it up by sharing different types of SEO content this year!

Not sure what content formats to use when developing your SEO campaign? Here are a few types of killer content to keep in mind.

Adding these content formats to your marketing strategy can help you expand your reach. You can generate more website traffic and boost business.

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1. Evergreen Content

Evergreen content can stand the test of time. These posts aren’t dependent on current events.

News articles, on the other hand, could go out of date within a week or month. 

2. Short- and Long-Form Articles

As you experiment with different types of SEO content this year, consider the length of each post. For example, you can create both short- and long-form content.

Short posts are usually under 1,500 words. You can use short-form content to rank for low competition keywords. These posts are often more precise, too.

Avoid adding fluff to your posts when writing content that’s over 1,500 words, though. Instead, make sure your blog posts are detailed and helpful.

Google’s bots will see you’re offering an in-depth discussion covering a single keyword.

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3. Videos

Video is quickly becoming the number one form of media used in content marketing strategies. They’ve already overtaken blogs and infographics. In fact, videos now get 50 times more organic rankings than plain-text results.

Consider adding video content to your innovative marketing strategy this year. If you do, plan to write transcripts for each video. Adding transcripts to your posts can further benefit your SEO rankings.

Video content could help you rank for featured snippets. Featured snippets appear at the top of search engine result pages. More people could start to see your content as a result.

4. Multi-Page Guides

You can add multi-page guides to your smart marketing strategy, too. Multi-page guides can help you link readers to different posts. You can cover smaller sub-topics within an overarching category.

Sending readers to other pages on your website can increase their dwell times, which can boost your rankings. 

5. Thought Leadership

You can use thought leadership posts to show consumers you’re an expert in your field. Demonstrating your experience and expertise can help brand trust grow.

Consumers might feel more inclined to trust you for help as a result.

Rank Up: 5 Types of SEO Content for Online Success

Adding these forms of killer content to your innovative marketing strategy could give your business a boost. Experiment with these types of SEO content this year. As your rankings improve, you can reach more customers online.

Start blogging with these types of killer SEO content today!

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