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10 Best Video Players to Watch High Definition(HD) Videos & Movies

Best Video Players

HD videos make a difference only because of the details it provides us over the normal videos. Our eye is capable to capture subjects in a very detailed manner in which cameras were not able to do in the early days but with the advent of technology camera these days are able to capture a subject in a very detailed manner, hence the birth of HD video clarity. The clarity and detailing of the video come with its own demand of file size which rises exponentially over the normal quality videos. Generally we consider 720p to 1080p as standard HD videos and the file size with this resolution comes no less than 4GB if we are considering a full movie. HD videos delivers high quality videos that maintains the sharpness, contrast ratios, color and pixel density of the videos which are always a treat to eyes, And the stereo sound quality that comes as an attachment to the High Definition videos completes the quality circle of the videos.

With the advent of technology, the ways of watching a movie has evolved since the inception of the entertainment business and its expanding day to day in its own accord. Earlier videos were limited to TV’s or theatres that were the stream of satellite signals to our antennas, but then came DVR and CD players that took the watching of movies to a different level. Then the revolution of computers arrived, which provided us the additional option of watching videos/movies, a main reason to depletion of DVR players. Earlier PC’s played videos through Discs mainly but now the digital format made the watching of videos and movies even easier. Generally computers have different software that plays different format of the movies such as AVI, WMV, MP4, and DivX etc. Most players failed when it came to play an HD video.

But the gradual up gradation has brought us players that can swiftly play any HD videos. Generally we set our own parameters when choosing a best video player for our entertainment purpose. We consider parameters like user interface, compatibility with OS, playback of different files etc. Most recently there are certain online sites that provide streaming of HD videos directly and can be played directly through these players. Here are some lists of Best Video Players to Watch High Definition (HD) Videos & Movies and have the best user interface:

1. VLC media player


Its freeware software that can be downloaded from the official site of VLC or other sites. VLC offers a complete package for a standard video player and is the most popular among the majority. This player is a very powerful tool and can literally play any formats that are available. This player can spike the audio of the video by an extra 100% that is mostly not available in other players.

2. Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player

A standard pre-installed player in Windows OS now comes with a very clean interface and is very user friendly. Earlier the player required special codec to run other formats other than AVI, WMV and MP4, but the recent installation of windows media player in Windows 8 has fixed the entire previous bug.

3. KM player


Clean appearance, user friendly interface and support for various formats makes this player a favorite among the majority.

4. GOM media player

Gom Player

Appears very sci-fi and has user friendly interface. The player has additional options for various tools that stream videos online too.

5. UM Player


Retro looks and supports multiple formats.

6. SM player

SM Player

It appears boxy and complicated and feature most of the features found in VLC media player.

7. Media Jukebox

Media Jukebox

Its clean appearance, user friendly interface and support for various formats makes this player a favorite among the majority.

8. iTunes player


Normal iTunes software that also runs videos. Support multiple formats, clean interface and can stream online videos. It also offers the user to purchase movies through iTunes account.

9. Real Media player

Real Player

Clean appearance, user friendly interface and support for various formats makes this player a favourite among majority.

10. DivX Plus Software

Divx Player

Free software download that includes everything you need to play, convert, stream, organize and transfer DivX, AVI and MKV videos on your computer.

So give a try to these video players, and don’t forget to share with me about your experience with these players.

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