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10 Best Tips for Safer Online Gaming

Everyone loves to be a part of online gaming as it brings lots of fun but this takes you to the hub of where you will meet lots of online strangers. Out of them some are those to who you want to connect, but other can pose a threat. So keeping all this in mind I decided to share some  useful tips for staying safe when playing online games on consoles and PCs.

Safer Online Gaming

1. Make sure you’re not downloading unofficial cheats because chances are very less that they’re going to work for you. On the other hand these cheats can contain viruses or other forms of malware.

2. Never give your personal Email ID to unauthorized source, if you do so, I’m sure your Inbox going to flood with spam or emails that contain malware.

3. Always choose your account details which are not real, like choose a username which is not related to your name. Never set username which gives clues to birthday, and always ignore to add personal details to your online profile and avatar.

4. Always use a strong password make sure that your password must have both characters and letters.

5. Before you pass your consoles and PCs to others, make sure to delete all your personal information

6.  Make sure that your PC must have an up-to-date antivirus installed

7. Always keep online gamers as game players and try you’re not revealing any personal information such as your full name, email, schools or phone numbers etc.

8. Don’t hesitate to report any abuse or bullying to game software makers through their reporting procedures.

9. As a parent make sure that your children always meet up with people who met them in multiplayer gaming.

10. Beware of false virus alert unless it comes from your up to date installed antivirus.

So next time you’re going join online gaming session keep all these tips in mind.

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Viney Dhiman
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