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In this modern era of technology, nurturing creativity in our kids has become easier and more captivating than ever before. Art games have always been hailed as a remarkable tool for fostering imagination and self-expression in the minds of our children. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top art games online that are designed to make learning an exciting adventure for your children. If you have a little one who has a knack for art or is just in need of a fun way to express their creativity, read on below.  

Can You Really Learn Art On a Computer?

Many parents wonder if their kids can really learn on a computer in this age of technology. The short answer is yes, they can! 

Computers and technology can help kids be more creative by letting them try new styles and ideas. Digital art games often have features that make it easy for kids to fix mistakes and try new things. Children can use their ideas to make unique digital artworks that are impossible with standard materials. 

Art Lessons Online

There are a lot of websites and apps for kids that teach art online. These lessons are intended to educate many types of art, ranging from sketching to sculpture and logo design. Children may study at their own speed and follow step-by-step instructions. This makes it simpler for them to comprehend how to perform many types of art.

With online tools and apps, kids can also draw and paint on computers, just like on paper. Many different styles, colors, and effects come with these digital tools. 

Access to Tools and Resources

There are many art lessons and other tools on the internet that can help young artists get ideas and learn more. Kids can watch how professional artists do their work and learn from them. 

With computers, it’s easy for kids to show their art to their family and friends. They can make digital galleries and share their work online, where others can give comments and support. Collaborations on art projects with friends or artists from other countries can be fun and teach you a lot.

Finding a mix between the internet and traditional art activities is essential for a well-rounded art education. Kids can improve their artistic skills and imagination by trying out digital and actual art forms. 

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How Online Practice Translates Onto Paper 

As a parent, you might wonder if your child’s artwork made on a computer or tablet can be transferred onto paper. The good news is that your child can get better at drawing on paper by practicing online. Let’s explore how this works. 

1. Improving Skills

When your child does art games online, they learn how to draw forms, use shading, and use colors. These skills aren’t just valuable for the modern world – they can also be helpful in traditional art.

2. Eye-Hand Coordination

Using a computer or tablet to make art helps your hands and eyes work better together. This makes the moves of your child’s hands more exact, which is vital for drawing and painting on paper. 

3. Ideas and Creativity

Most online art tools offer a wide range of ways to make art. Your child can use a computer to try out different styles and ideas. They can easily use this imagination when they want to make something with paper or other standard tools. 

4. Building Up Trust

The more your child practices art online and sees how their skills improve, the more confident they become as an artist. This new sense of self-assurance can excite them more about drawing and painting on paper. 

5. Example and Source of Ideas

Your child can get ideas and examples from online art tools. They can look at the methods of other artists to get new ideas for their own paper-based art projects.

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6. How to Make Plans

Planning and organization are often needed when making digital art. Your child will learn how to organize their artwork online, which will help them plan and finish projects on paper better.

7. Getting to Know Styles

Your child can quickly try out different art styles with online art tools. This power of play helps them figure out what they like and use those styles on paper. 

8. How to Handle Mistakes

It’s a part of art to make mistakes. Your child can stop and restart actions when they practice online. This helps them learn how to deal with and fix mistakes. These skills for figuring out how to solve problems are also helpful in traditional art.  

Top 10 Fun art Games Online

There are so many fun art games online that you can play with your kids. Here are our top 10 picks. 

1. Drawful

  • Price: $9.99
  • Art Types Available: Drawing 

In Drawful, each player gets a strange, one-of-a-kind prompt that they have to try to draw on their phone (without using an eraser). After each “artist” shows their work, everyone else sends in an unnamed title for this strange picture. Your goal is to find the right question while getting other people to choose your fake answer. 

Bonus points are given to people who send in decoys that are especially smart or dumb. Usually, it’s the dumb ones that get the most points. It’s an excellent game for parties and shows. Just bring your best finger for drawing.

example of a screen from the Jackbox game Drawful
image courtesy of jackbox games

2. Color Matching Game

  • Price: Free
  • Art Types Available: Color Matching/Color Theory

This color-matching game is a great way to review what you know about hue, brightness, complementary, triadic, and tetradic colors. If your kids don’t know these terms, they may have to look them up as part of the job.

Matching the colors on the screen is more complicated than you think. You get a score at the end of the game, which gives you a reason to play again because you have something to beat.

color matching game start screen
image courtesy of color

3. AutoDraw

  • Price: Free
  • Art Types Available: Drawing

The main thing about AutoDraw is that when you start drawing, it tries to figure out what you are drawing. You can find a helpful guide if you click on ‘How to’ in the menu at the top left. You can also add shapes and words. The color picker has more colors than you might think. The forms, colors, and words could be used to teach color theory.  

Autodraw online art game starting page
image courtesy of AutoDraw

4. Art Games PBS Kids

  • Price: Free
  • Art Types Available: Painting/Drawing/Scribbling

PBS Kids website has fun art games with cartoon animals that are a great way to teach kids about colors and shapes. This art website aims to help your kids find their inner artist. Through several exciting art games online, your child can draw, paint with letters, and discover how creative they can be. 

Title screen for the PBS Kids art game called George's Moving Art Machines
image courtesy of pbs kids

5. Sesame Street

  • Price: Free
  • Art Types Available: Drawing 

Sesame Street is one of the best places to find free art games online for kids. This site has a massive collection of boards so kids can paint something new daily. 

Most art games online have boards with simple lines, but kids can choose and drag things to make beautiful scenes wherever they want on the canvas in the Sesame Street game. It is one of the best game sites for kids because it is free and made just for babies. 

screenshot of art pictures drawn on Sesame Street Art Maker
image courtesy of sesame street

6. Tate Kids

  • Price: Free
  • Art Types Available: Drawing/Graphic Design

Help your kids find their art animal, color their bedroom furniture, and make eye-catching street art designs on Tate art, a secret place to show off their skills. 

Tate Kids’ learning curve and new ways of doing things make art lessons fun and informative. How often do we find cool art games that are positive and out of the box? Tate art will go above and beyond your hopes with fun art games and quizzes that will help your kids play and learn about art.  

screenshot from Tate Kids
image courtesy of

7. Fun STUFF for kids

  • Price: Free
  • Art Types Available: Drawing/History/Puzzle

The Smithsonian doesn’t do things halfway regarding science, history, nature, and even pop culture. This part of their vast website is all about fun art games and crafts that kids of all ages can play online. The Smithsonian Learning Lab has a lot of these tools.

For example, you can help your kids make an ArtBot, a computer that makes art. If you’d rather not do the robot, you can do things like color sheets and collage.  

Screenshot from Smithsonian Kids site
image courtesy of Smithsonian

8. Artsology

  • Price: Free
  • Art Types Available: Drawing/Painting/Graphic Design

Artsology is an excellent website with 100+ fun art games for children. Start by writing graffiti on the walls of New York City and use an arcade game to move through strange art. Some cool art games have the Flash logo on them. Adobe has stopped updating Flash, so you don’t need to worry about them.  

screenshot of games available on
image courtesy of

9. GirlsGoGames

  • Price: Free
  • Art Types Available: Fashion Design/Drawing

This website has cool art games for girls to play online. They can learn to change their style, do their hair, decorate, cook, etc. There is also a group of animal games where kids can meet various animals. Kids can feed them, clean them up, and play with them. This website’s material constantly changes, so you can play new games. 

This site also has fun art games you can play with others. It has a pink theme as far as the eye can see, and there are fashion and kitten games that never seem to end.  

Art games from
image courtesy of

10. Drawize

  • Price: Free
  • Art Types Available: Drawing

Drawize is the best interactive art learning tool for kids because it is a fun draw-and-guess game. The website gives them daily tasks to keep them interested. It makes them want to try out their drawing and art skills. 

Drawize also has things to do online. The kids can also meet up with friends online or make new ones. 

title screen from
image courtesy of

Unlock Your Child’s Creative Potential

It’s clear that these fun art games offer much more than just fun. They give kids a chance to find their inner artist and learn important skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and even working together when shared with friends. 

These cool art games can also be a great resource for both parents and teachers, making learning more fun and useful outside of the classroom. 

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