75 Fun Math Games & Activities for Middle School Students

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Learning mathematics does not have to be frightening for middle school kids. Instead, it can be a fantastic experience filled with fun and excitement. This detailed guide of 75 fun math games for middle school students is a collection of enjoyable activities to sharpen mathematics. These fun math activities, whether in the classroom or online, are intended to make math not just accessible but also entertaining.

Why Learning Games are Great for Building Math Skills

Interactive games are excellent instruments for developing math skills in education, where students’ engagement is often the key to successful learning. Utilizing math games for middle school students is a fantastic medium for learning because games combine fun with instructional content. 

Unlike conventional teaching techniques, game-based learning has an intrinsic tendency to capture students’ attention, creating a setting where math lessons become exciting rather than tiresome classes. Interactive games help students actively engage in their learning journey, transforming abstract mathematical ideas into hands-on experiences.

Game-based learning not only makes the process more fun but it also provides a more individualized learning experience. Students may pick fun math activities that match their specific demands and speed, thanks to various interactive games catering to multiple talents and grade levels. 

Furthermore, the element of competition often included in game-based learning adds a healthy challenge, inspiring students to strive for development and complete understanding of math lessons. 

Game-based learning also helps to improve skill retention and transferability. Because middle school math games are engaging and interactive, students may apply math lessons in practical situations, reinforcing their comprehension. 

Students gain math skills, logical reasoning, and problem-solving ability as they negotiate virtual challenges or strategic math board games—all essential components of a well-rounded math education

In essence, integrating middle school math games is a bridge between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications. If you are looking for targeted and personal instruction for your student, then check out Tutor Hunt’s website.

Game List

This selection of math games for middle school students is meant to turn math standard numbers and word problems into pleasurable experiences. This collection ranges from strategic math board games to a coordinate plane and interactive online games that convert equations into thrilling challenges.

Whether you’re a teacher searching for fun math activities or a student looking for an alternative to standard learning, this game list transforms a number line into something more than simply digits! 

Online Games

These online math games provide various activities to engage students in a virtual learning journey. Whether mastering logic via math blocks or using a coordinate plane in a virtual realm, these online math games provide an interactive way for kids to practice their math while navigating the digital world. 

1.  Sudoku

Sudoku is a challenging game that improves middle school kids’ critical thinking abilities. Players must work with a 9×9 grid to insert numerals ranging from 1 to 9 strategically. As students painstakingly answer each problem, online math games such as Sudoku build number sense and teach patience.

image of a completed Soduku game page.
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2. Puzzle Picks

Puzzle Picks, from Math Playground, is one of the best online games that adds an interactive twist to standard math class. Students uncover intriguing graphics by clicking and dragging puzzle pieces to solve math problems. Puzzle Picks fosters students’ engagement, with several versions catering to different grade levels.

3. Number Bonds

Number Bonds, another game from Math Playground, is one of the best interactive games that encourages children to learn absolute value and number bonds. Students improve their math by selecting a target sum and utilizing the center number and surrounding balls. This game provides a dynamic platform for middle school students to practice essential math concepts. 

4. High-Stakes Heist

High-Stakes Heist requires students to break a safe by solving equations step by step, emphasizing the proper sequence of basic operations. With a risk-and-reward dynamic, students must answer equations correctly to complete the heist. 

5. Nerdle

Nerdle is an exciting derivative of Wordle designed just for math fans. Players get six chances to guess the concealed number code with each new task. As players work to break the code, Nerdle transforms into an interesting problem-solving exercise, making it a perfect online math game for middle schoolers.

6. Orbit Integers

In Orbit Integers, students compete to add and subtract positive and negative numbers in a space race. This online game incorporates a competitive aspect into integer and basic operations, making math instruction more exciting while teaching critical math skills.

7. Move Here, Move There

Move Here, Move There is an online game that blends logical thinking with coding components. Students must use reasoning to devise a route from the starting location to the destination tile. This game provides an immersive experience while building number sense in a digital environment.

Move Here, Move There online math game.
Image courtesy of Crazy Games

8. Mathle

In Mathle, the goal is to solve the proper addition or subtraction problem in five tries. The mental math necessary to infer the equations benefits students, making Mathle a fun complement to middle school math exercises.

9. Primel 

Primel, another intriguing Wordle offshoot developed for math lovers, challenges players to discover a prime number in six tries. This game teaches a number line, and it is a unique numerical puzzle for middle schoolers that is enjoyable and instructional.

10. King of Math

King of Math starts with kids as humble farmers, allowing them to advance in society by solving various math problems. As they go, kids confront more complicated word problems, which fosters skill growth. King of Math provides a gamified learning method, making it a fantastic tool for middle school students looking for an involved math experience.

11. Play Math Tic-Tac-Toe

Play Math Tic-Tac-Toe converts the popular game into a multipurpose online resource appropriate for middle school students. With various grade levels, this game gives a challenging task with rewards. Students may put their math skills to the test by completing problems to gain a spot on the board.

12. Order of Operations

Order of Operations transforms learning into an exciting heist experience in which students break a safe using the correct sequence of basic operations. The Order of Operations game emphasizes the vital skill of knowing the sequence of basic operations and provides a thrilling story to inspire students. 

13. Prodigy Math

Prodigy Math is an adaptive math game for kids in free and paid editions. The game adapts to complexity depending on individual success, delivering a customized learning experience. It is an excellent resource for middle school students looking to develop their abilities in an interactive way.

Prodigy Math and English Games online.
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14. Age of the Angles

Age of the Angles is an online game that hones students’ angle measuring and protractor abilities. Students gain skills in analyzing and measuring angles via interactive games. It teaches math principles and offers a dynamic platform for middle schoolers to practice geometry.

15. Alien Powers

Alien Powers adds a traditional video game element to the learning experience by forcing students to solve exponents before alien spacecraft arrive. This game blends enjoyment with math instruction, challenging students to answer exponent problems quickly.

16. Death to Decimals

Death to Decimals is one of the best online math games where players remove decimals by picking the correct fraction equivalents. This game is a fun online resource for students who want to learn more about absolute value, decimals, and fraction connections.

17. Rags to Riches

Rags to Riches turns math practice into a Millionaire quiz-style game where players answer algebraic problems to go from rags to riches. Students tackle progressively challenging equations and math word problems as the game progresses. 

18. Math Word Search

Math Word Search is an engaging online game where middle school students improve their math vocabulary interactively. As players click and drag to circle clusters of letters matching the words on the list, the game develops visual awareness and attention to detail. 

19. Exponents Jeopardy

Exponents Jeopardy is an instructional game that adds a fun twist to the standard Jeopardy game. Players in Exponents Jeopardy explore the world of exponents, answering questions ranging from elementary to complex. Exponents Jeopardy challenges students to use their knowledge of exponent rules, resulting in a more in-depth comprehension of this topic.

Slide Player Exponents Jeopardy online game.
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Classroom Games

With this classroom games list, teachers can transform their standard math class into a math playground. These classroom math games for middle school students have been carefully selected to make learning an entertaining experience, seamlessly integrating with lesson plans. 

From vibrant group exercises emphasizing fast memory of a math fact to inventive challenges, including a coordinate plane and real-world applications, these classroom games make math an exciting subject that kids look forward to. Teachers can say goodbye to boring classes and enrich their lesson plans with interactive activities.

20. Minecraft

Minecraft, a popular game among kids and adolescents, has been transformed into an innovative tool for teaching mathematics. In addition to building its creative sandbox setting, Minecraft allows instructors to incorporate math blocks and principles into educational gaming effortlessly. 

21. Molkky

Molkky, a popular outdoor game in Europe, is now available as a fun math activity for middle school kids. This game for two or more players combines enjoyment with mental math abilities. This classroom math game involves knocking over pins numbered 1 to 12 using a hurling stick. 

22. Candy Bar Volume

Candy Bar Volume blends the attraction of sweets with a hands-on lesson that requires students to calculate the quantities of genuine candy bars. In this classroom math game, students participate in experiential learning by picking candy bars depending on volume.

23. Math Football

Math Football turns math class into a dynamic arena of mathematical inquiry. This interactive game divides students into two teams and gives them complete control over the math questions, mixing sports enthusiasm with math problems. As teams pass and defend the virtual ball, they gain points by properly completing different math problems. 

24. Math Facts Race

This game incorporates physical exercise with math fact fluency training. Students are separated into teams and race to complete a grid sheet with solutions to a math fact. Math Facts Race motivates students as they race to answer math problems and contribute to their team’s success.

25. Chess

A timeless two-player game, chess defies age boundaries and serves as an engaging math practice for middle school students. Chess matches help students refine their math skills, decision-making and strategic planning abilities.

chess piece being taken by opponent
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26. Tang Math Games

Tang Math Games, created by math expert and author Greg Tang, include a variety of game packs and classroom packs that target specific math skills. These fascinating middle school math games create better knowledge by providing a dynamic and interactive approach to learning. 

27. Rubik’s Cube

The popular puzzle Rubik’s Cube transcends its reputation as a classic toy and has become a remarkable tool for teaching math in middle school classes. Solving the Rubik’s Cube requires knowledge of spatial connections, math blocks, and pattern identification.

28. Slice Some Sandwich Fractions

Slice Some Sandwich Fractions transforms lunchtime into an interactive way to practice proportions and fractions. Students practice converting fractions to decimals and vice versa using sandwiches. This classroom math game makes complicated math ideas simple to understand. 

29. Around the Block

Around the Block involves just a ball and a series of math questions on a particular topic. Students form a circle and pass the ball around while answering math questions loudly. This game encourages collaboration and allows for adaptability to different math concepts. It is also a great way for students to reinforce their math skills in a collaborative atmosphere.

30. Bouncing Sums

Bouncing Sums brings energy into the whole class, allowing students to strengthen their mental math muscles. To play, students throw a beach ball labeled with positive and negative integers, decimals, or fractions. Bouncing Sums blends physical exercise with learning, making it a refreshing approach for middle school kids to improve their math skills.

31. Play Smart Dice

Play Smart Dice revolutionizes arithmetic fluency development. Unlike ordinary dice, the Play Smart Dice game focuses on difficult numerical sequences. This fun dice game turns math practice into an exciting challenge, pushing kids to learn a complicated number line in a great way. The Play Smart Dice game is a wonderful resource for middle school math class, making lessons more effective and enjoyable.

PlaySmart Dice math game.
Image courtesy of Semper Smart Games

32. Math Facts Bingo

Math Facts Bingo takes math exercises and turns them into an enjoyable bingo game. Students get bingo cards with answers to several multiplication tables. They must rush to complete math problems and write the correct answers on their bingo cards as the instructor shouts them out. 

33. 101 and Out

In 101 and Out, the aim is to get as close as 101 points without going over. Divide the class into two small groups, each must have a dice, paper, and pencil. This dice game promotes strategic thinking and a fun activity for children to practice math skills in a competitive environment.

34. One-Meter Dash

This game provides a fast and interactive way for kids to enhance their measuring comprehension. Students work in small groups to discover two to four things in the room that sum up to one meter. This game turns a typical measuring lecture into an engaging experience for middle schoolers.

35. Back-to-Back

Back-to-Back capitalizes on the class’s competitive atmosphere by combining students with comparable abilities and grade levels. In this fun activity, pairs of students stand back-to-back with chalk in hand, facing away from each other. 

When the instructor shouts out math problems, pupils rush to solve them and write the solution on the board. Back-to-Back transforms the whole class into a battleground for mathematics, giving a fun way for kids to review their math skills.

36. Stand Up, Sit Down

Stand Up, Sit Down is a hands-on exercise that may be tailored to different grade levels. The students form a circle, and the instructor reads equations aloud. This simple game teaches math principles and encourages rapid thinking.

37. Math Relay Race

The Math Relay Race adds fun to the learning process by transforming a route with various math problems at each station into a race. Students must rush from one station to the next, attempting to solve math problems before moving on. This game is a great option for middle school kids who want to do math practice before practical exams. 

Math Relay Race activity idea.
Image courtesy of Queen of the First Grade Jungle

38. 100s

In this game, students take turns selecting numbers from a set, then adding them aloud clockwise. The catch is that any student who achieves or above 100 is out. Before math lectures, middle school students may refresh their math knowledge competitively by playing 100s.

Board Games

With these enthralling math board games, you may gather your family for a math-infused game night at home as your math playground. These strategic and fun math games for middle school students incorporate a splash of a probability game, logic, and critical thinking into the mix.

From conquering territories in Catan to constructing equations in Equate, these math board games are excellent methods for middle school kids to apply math ideas while enjoying the fun of friendly competition.

39. Lost Cities

Lost Cities, a family favorite, is a lovely blend of strategy and stealth math. This fun activity aims to go on expeditions and earn points by playing regular and face cards in increasing sequence. Players must carefully assess risks and benefits with each step, refining their decision-making skills.

40. Catan

Catan is a probability game where players acquire decision-making skills as they traverse resources and territory. This is a fun probability game that teaches kids about the complexities of probability in a social context.

41. Quoridor

Quoridor is a fun game for 2-4 players with a basic board and different set of strategy options. The goal is for players to move their piece to the opposing side while obstructing their opponents. This simple aim reveals a complex tapestry of strategic thought and spatial reasoning. 

42. The Genius Star

The Genius Star, a compelling logic game, captivates players with its solo or two-player configuration. The aim is to solve the problem as quickly as possible, with points provided for solving the game with the golden star. 

43. Onitama

In Onitama, players try to capture their opponent’s master or reach their opponent’s temple, like chess. Its appealing design and dynamic gameplay guarantee that pupils are amused and engaged in a mentally fun activity.

Onitama strategy game.
Image courtesy of Amazon

44. Kanoodle

Kanoodle is a three-dimensional game that pushes players to solve 3-D problems. This game is an engaging solitary gaming experience focusing on logic and spatial abilities. Players adjust colored puzzle pieces to fit inside the provided limits, stimulating strategic thinking and problem-solving. 

45. Monopoly

A traditional board game that many people like, Monopoly, delivers many math exercises while playing. Players buy, sell, and trade properties using real-world basic operations and absolute value. This probability game fosters bargaining abilities and financial literacy. 

46. Math Sprint

Byron’s Games’ award-winning board game Math Sprint focuses on improving math fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and absolute value. Players compete against one another to answer math problems and move along the game board. 

47. Clumsy Thief

Clumsy Thief is a fast-paced and amusing card game where players practice their rapid mental math skills with up to three-digit figures. The goal is to amass piles of face cards worth $100 before opponents can take them away. 

48. Equate

Equate turns the popular crossword-style board game into a mathematical puzzle in which players construct equations instead of words. Players strategically form equations on the game board using a number line and mathematical symbols. This game emphasizes basic operations and fosters an interactive way for students to increase their comprehension of math concepts.

49. Prime Climb

Prime Climb encourages students to practice the world of factors via an engaging board game in which the aim is to climb quicker than everyone else. Players move the board using basic operations and strategy, adding complexity to the game. 

Prime Club math board game.
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50. Outnumbered

Outnumbered is a superhero-themed card game that actively encourages the development of mental math abilities. This game turns math into a thrilling superhero adventure, making it a fun activity for middle school kids looking for creative ways of learning. 

51. Sumoku

Sumoku turns math into a fun game played with number tiles, with many crossword-style gameplay options. This game is appropriate for players of varying grade levels. It provides a fun resource for students to improve their math ability in a great way. 

Card Games

These fast-paced, strategic card games transform a standard deck of cards on your math playground into a dynamic instrument for developing numerical abilities. Whether arranging face cards to make a precise number or identifying math-related phrases, these math games for middle school students demonstrate that learning can be as simple as a deck of cards, making math fun for everyone. 

52. Star Realms

Star Realms is an excellent game for students since it is inexpensive, easy to learn, and engaging. Players obtain new face cards each round and carefully place them to weaken their opponents. Star Realms encourages critical thinking and strategic planning. 

53. Five Crowns

Five Crowns is a very addicting card game that not only entertains but also sharpens the cognitive abilities of middle school kids. The low cost and mobility of this probability game make it an appealing option for on-the-go entertainment. 

54. Sortify: Angles

Sortify: Angles is an online card game where students sort cards by dragging them into bins and labeling them appropriately. This game challenges students to connect cards that make complementary or supplementary angles. 

55. Proof Math Game

Proof Math Game adds excitement to the quest of equations by racing players to be the first to identify a valid equation inside a deck of cards. This fast-paced game tests students’ mental math abilities in a competitive environment. 

Proof! Math board game.
Image courtesy of Amazon

56. Skyjo

This entertaining card game is a wonderful alternative for big families or social events due to its speedy playtime. Skyjo promotes number recall and memorization, making it one of the best entertaining and approachable middle school math games. 

57. Antiquity Quest

Grandpa Beck’s Antiquity Quest exposes players to the exciting realm of acquisition. Players compete to construct the most extraordinary collection by skillfully playing face cards to gain valuable goods. This is an excellent option for middle school students searching for a thrilling card game.

58. Cover Your Assets

Cover Your Assets is a quick-play fun game where players seek to steal from others while attempting to safeguard their precious goods from being taken by opponents. This game teaches vital skills in bargaining and resource management.

59. Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero challenges players to mix positive and negative integers to achieve zero. This novel card game strengthens numerical abilities and promotes strategic thinking. Balancing positive and negative numbers adds another complexity to Absolute Zero, making it an exciting option for middle schoolers. 

60. Dutch Blitz

A card game for up to 8 players, Dutch Blitz, uses numeric sequencing throughout play and demands addition and subtraction abilities for scoring. Its adaptability to large and small groups makes it an excellent option for family evenings or school activities. 

61. 24 Game – Integers Card Game

The 24 Game is a simple but adaptable fun game that involves players with integers, addition, subtraction, and division. It accommodates various grade levels by offering many options, such as factors, positive and negative integers, and even algebra. The 24 Game’s versatility makes it a fantastic opportunity for students looking to practice essential math concepts in a great way.

24 Game - Integers card game.
Image courtesy of Amazon

62. 31-derful

31-derful requires students to strategically arrange 25 cards from the regular deck such that the rows and columns total up to a specific goal number—31. This card game is a fun approach for middle school kids to engage with math subjects in a fun and competitive environment.

63. Algebra Taboo

Algebra Taboo is a math-themed version of the popular word-guessing game Taboo. The goal is for players to get their companions to guess word problems without mentioning particular critical phrases connected to the math topic on the card. 

64. Can You Make It

The goal of this game is for kids to create an equation equal to an enormous number using just the supplied single integers. This game develops mental math abilities and turns math practice into a fascinating game, enabling middle school students to experiment with various math combinations in creative ways. 

65. Exponent Game

The Exponent Game reinforces the idea of exponents using a typical deck of playing cards. Players choose cards and use numbers to form exponential expressions in this fun activity. Exponent Game gives students a hands-on and pleasant approach to learning about exponents.

66. Mathematics Pictionary

This game is played in the same fun way as the conventional version, except the cards are all connected to math subjects. Players sketch representations of math concepts while their teammates try to guess the correct answers. 

Electronic Games – Battery-Operated

In this collection of electronic math games for middle school students, you may use the power of technology to achieve mathematical proficiency. With interactive tasks spanning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and more, these portable games bring mathematics to life, making math fun and engaging. 

67. Multiplication Slam

Multiplication Slam is a fun hand-held game that boosts math fluency via speed and accuracy. Players compete in an exciting race to calculate multiplication solutions, providing diversity and challenges across many math subjects. 

Multiplication Slam electronic math facts game.
Image courtesy of Amazon

68. Math Shark

Math Shark, a multipurpose hand-held game, pushes math fluency to new heights by covering various mathematical ideas. As players race against the time to calculate, they improve their mental arithmetic and thoroughly comprehend numerous math concepts. 

69. Math Whiz

Math Whiz is a helpful tool for middle school kids to teach core math concepts and build their confidence in numerical competency, whether as a fun game or a convenient calculator.

70. Math Slam

Math Slam is a dynamic portable game that improves addition and subtraction abilities with five action-packed rounds. Students bash through math problems, hoping to outperform themselves and acquire mastery, enhancing mental math speed and accuracy. 

71. Number Genius

Number Genius is an all-in-one interactive math game that combines fun, memory, and logic challenges to provide an immersive learning experience. Students can improve their math abilities, memory, and logical thinking using math review games and a sketch pad for hands-on problem-solving. The game’s interactive elements make it an excellent option for students wishing to reinforce an important concept while having fun.

72. Math Trekker

Math Trekker is a portable game that teaches addition and subtraction concepts from 1 to 12 and varied exercises. The math review games encourage children to beat their times and continue playing. 

73. Minute Math Electronic Flash Card

The Minute Math Electronic Flash Card is an innovative gadget that stimulates the practice of basic operations. This game encourages students’ engagement as they work on their math fluency. 

Minute Math electronic math facts game.
Image courtesy of Amazon

74. Light ‘N’ Strike Math

Light N Strike Math is an arcade-style game designed for self-paced learning and has three degrees of difficulty to suit different grade levels. Students may learn and practice an important concept in an interactive environment. 

75. Multiplication Master

Multiplication Master is a portable flash card game that aims to improve multiplication fluency with numbers 0-12. Math review games like this engage students in a dynamic and interactive multiplication exercise.

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