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10 Brain Teaser (Sudoku Alternatives) Apps for iPhone


Everyone likes to relax by playing games in their spare time. This is not only good to keep you entertained, it also improves mental agility, ability to think, creativity among many other benefits. This way your mind will be develop the ability to think beyond the obvious. And with Brain Teaser Apps you can check your problem solving skills in a series of question and puzzles.

Best Brain Teaser (Suduko Alternative)

These are some Brain Teaser (Sudoku Alternatives) Apps for the iPhone that will tickle your mental palate and have felt sharper. So the next time you find yourself hanging around waiting for something. So give try to our opinion piece mentioned below:

1. Clockwork Brain

In this the participants will be put through a series of games to test the mind and that too within time limits. It makes a great substitute for Sudoku and you will delight in playing this if you love numbers.

2. Move the Box

Reminiscent of Tetris this one has  boxes that have to be moved into groups of three, either straight up or flat across. The thing that you have to remember is that you can only make a certain number of moves. If you feel the need to you can always click on undo. Has 600 levels to keep you going for a while

3. What’s my IQ

This one has a set of questions ranging from serious to ridiculous requiring creative replies. You can play with your kids in a kind of competition.

4. Stupidness2

This one comes in the form of a puzzle that pushes you to think out of the ordinary. The longer you take to provide whatever creative or weird answer is required will affect the outcome and this will show progress on the bar.

5. The Room Pocket

You need to crack open boxes and get the clues to move to the next level. It is a mystery based adventure game that will have you tapping and zooming in and out to solve the problem. Help is available in the form of Eyeglass to get you moving forward.

6. 77 Logic Games

This one has you putting the appropriate thing in the correct box. If you play as per the rules you can move to the next level. You will find hints to get you going if you are stuck. With 2000 levels you will be busy for a while.

7. 100 Doors 2013

This one has 100 doors and you need to figure out you are going to get the doors to open with the help of some clues and hints. This one will have you passionately tilting and turning your phone to get ahead.

8. Knowledge Trainer

This is like having your personal version of Jeopardy. With challenges from different realms including the past, technology movies etc this game can be a real challenge. As you move on the questions will become tougher to answer.

9. 7 Little Words

This is a game based on a word puzzle having a total of 7 clues. You need to come up with the correct word that best describes them. Hints are available if you do get stuck but as they are limited use them with caution.

10. 4 Pics 1 Word

As the name suggests there would be 4 pictures which will have a common thread running through them. If you find that you are stuck you can seek the help of your friends on various Social media networks or pay to get the hints.

You will find all these games will appeal to your mind and be pleasantly entertaining and absorbing at the same time. Pick the one you want to play based on your mood and time availability. Boredom will soon become a thing of the past.

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