List of 53 New Android Apps you didn’t know about

Best Android Apps

In my previous article we cover some of best android apps for 2013 and best android games for 2013. And today we have decided to share with you some of the new Android apps and games for 2013 which you don’t even know that they exist.

But there is one thing which I think you didn’t going to like about this opinion piece, i.e. This list of new Android apps doesn’t contain popular and hot android apps like Power AMP, Flipboard, Swiftkey and other because everyone is aware of these apps. The only purpose of this article is to share with you new apps which are largely unheard and not so popular.

Best Android Apps

So without further ado lets we start with our list of new Android apps, you probably would’ve heard of some of these, but I guarantee, not all of them 😉

Note: This article will be updated every day, so don’t forget to comeback again to check the new apps and games.

1. Blindscape

One of the best android games which I‘ve been playing for a long time. This game is totally taking place entirely through sound as its piece of experimental storytelling.

2. Tagy Widgets

Tagy is a set of widgets that will organize your apps, bookmarks, contacts and settings into tag clouds on your home screen.

3. Persist (Volume Control)

An amazing android app that puts you in complete control of your audio with a variety of volume controls and settings. So no more accidentally switching off silent mode by pressing the volume button.

4. Google Now Wallpaper HD

This application changes your current wallpaper with a google now wallpaper based on your clock time.

5. Maluuba

It’s one of the best siri alternative and superior voice assistant app for your Android device with awesome UI. It always understands what I want to say. You can also try utter!

6. InstaWifi

With the help of InstaWifi you can easily connect and share wifi networks with your friends and family instantly through the use of NFC and QR codes. Simply tap your phone on a sticker, or scan a QR code to connect to a wifi network.

7. Timetable

If you’re looking for an Android application which always remind you about your class timing in school/college. You must try this application.

8. SuperBeam

SuperBeam is the easiest and fastest way to share large files between Android devices using WiFi direct. You may pair your devices devices using QR codes (with the included QR code scanner) or NFC, if your devices support it.

9. Keymonk

A new keyboard for android which has gesture typing with 2 fingers. It will take time to getting used to it, but it will definitely increase your speed.

10. Colors

If you’re looking for a way to set a solid color as your wallpaper? This app is the solution!

11. MyRealFont Lite

It’s one of the best android apps using which you can create your own fonts using your own handwriting. This app is also recommended and supported by Samsung.

12. Climatip

Its a weather app for android but it has something which you didn’t find in other weather app i.e. it shows you what you should wear before going out rather than boring temperatures. This app also has easy to use and awesome UI.

13. Flava

The flavor is not taking android application with with a personal timeline to seize your life by moments.

14. Clock Now

Its an A beautiful Google Now-themed clock.

15. Now SMS

Its an messaging app which is totally inspired by the Google Now Card UI. This app has no MMS support, but still I like this app.

16. Jumpr

Its a simpler and holo themed version of doodle jump.

17. Copy

This is a new cloud storage service which gives 15 GB of free storage.

18. RoundR

If you hate sharp edges of your screen, then you must try this app  as it gives a rounded look to your screen. It makes my S3 look great, especially in the dark.

19. Software Data Cable

This lets you wirelessly sync folders between your computer and phone with a high transfer speed. You can also try AirDroid and Fast File Transfer.

20. Glovebox Launcher

This is an Ubuntu inspired app which brings to android the best way of multitasking. Swipe without lifting the finger to select an application to open and lot more. You can also try SwipePad with more advance features

21. Next Browser

A new browser by the famous GO Dev team.

22. Clean Calculator

One of the best and new calcualtor with simple and easy to use user interface. You can also try Makina and Ultimate Stopwatch and Timer

Beautifully designed Stopwatch and Countdown timer for Android phones, tablets and TVs with Ticking Sound, Countdown Alarm and Lap Time functionality.

24. Daydream Launcher

 If you love daydream and wanna use it without a dock or while charging, then you might love to use this android application.

25. ShrtnR

URL Shortener with a barebones Holo Style powered by Google Url Shortner.

26. Run In Crowd

It’s a game where you race alongside other players in a new world each day. In the game avoid avoid obstacles and try to run longer distance than other.

27. Flib

 It is probably the most beautiful, intelligent and simple converter app. This will learn your preferences and auto arrange your frequent choices at the top of the list.

29. AppGratis

Its an outrageous app which tells you about the paid app which are currently free for the day. So don’t miss to take full advantage of this application.

30. Nexmusic

A very nice holo themed, simple and minimalistic music player. You can also try shuttle music player.

31. Fetch

This is an amazing app which has helped me find many other useful apps and games. You can also try some other alternatives like playboard and best android apps.

32. Wifi Key Recovery

If Ever forgotten your wifi password and cursed yourself about it, then not worry because using this android application you can generates a list of all the wifi networks you’ve ever used WITH passwords. But your device must be rooted to use this application.

33. Pew Pew

PewPew is the best multidirectional shoot them up on Android. It’s basically megatons of enemies and many different game modes, everything rolled up with sweet smooth retro graphics.

34. My device Storage Analyzer

My Device Storage Analyzer displays information on SD card, USB devices, external and internal storage in a simple and clear graphical form. You can also try Disk Usage

35. TasteKid

Another good application, all you have to do is type the names of certain movies, music artists, books you like and it analyzes your taste and suggests similar movies, music, books etc.

36. Clockr

Clockr is a beautiful text-based clock widget.

37. Sensor Music Player

A music player which lets you use various sensors to change tracks, pause etc.

38. Plasma Sound HD

Using this music app you can create music which is visually stunning too

39. Godville

Awesome game in which you’re God and you create your hero and lead him on quests etc. Superb time-killer.

40. Llama

If you’re tired of your phone buzzing in the middle of the night and someone is annoying your colleagues by having your phone blast out your ringtone at work? Then you definitely need Llama!

41. Phone Addict

Phone addict monitors how addicted you are checking your phone/tablet. This simple app app counts how many times I check my phone.

42. ConvertIt

Another holo themed and minimalistic app, this one is a unit converter. This application features more than 150 currency exchange rates can be updated hourly and are offline available.

43. Active Lockscreen

Active lockscreen brings together fast access to your favorite apps and full personalization features for your Android phone. I must say that this one of the best lockscreen app out there.

44. T.E.A.M Battery Bar

This application shows displays a colored bar on top of the status bar showing the battery level.

45. Pimp My Music

If you’re looking and app for editing ID3 tags in your songs and finding all the right cover art, then you might love to try this application. You might also love to check List of Music Player with Tag Editor.

46. Node

It’s a super cool live wallpaper with multi-touch and shape options.

47. Circle Alarm

A holo themed and minimalistic alarm app. Here is another you want to try AlarmQuick

48. Holo Compass

Holo Compass is minimalistic compass with Ice Cream Sandwich/Jelly Bean theme. It is very smooth and great looking application.

49. LyricsPlayer

This app shows a notification on the status bar when you’re playing music, clicking on it automatically searches for the lyrics and displays them.

50. WallBase

This is an Android client for the amazing wallpaper website Wallbase.

51. WordWeb

This is one of the best dictionary app out there and the reason which makes this app better? Because it offline. It doesn’t require an internet connection!

52. Atom Launcher

A minimalistic, beautiful and rock-solid launcher for your Android Smartphone. Designed for people wanting a smooth, simple experience from their Android without losing the ability to personalize and beautify things to their liking. You can also try Typo Black Theme.

53. Shake

Using this android app you no longer have to turn on the screen and look for the camera app just when you really need it. This application allows you to shake your phone in order to trigger various actions! Even if your screen is off, you can still shake it, and it’ll work!

So give try to these apps and games and In the comments below, let us know about any other android app and game which you like and we may have missed. You can also visit original thread by XDA Senior member Iron Man to explore whole conversation.

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