List of 20 Free Applications For Symbian Smartphones

This article is meant to be a resource for those who are looking for Free Applications For Symbian Smartphones. Of course, it goes without saying that the freeware listed here will reflect the choice of the writer and you should pick the ones that you will suit you in the best possible way. We have not included games in this as games are strictly a personal choice and each person has his/her own likes or dislikes.

apps for symbain phones

1. Swype

Though many swear by it, we can safely say that you need to acquire a taste for this. It operates as absolute replacement of Keyboard and works by following how your fingers move among the keys by way of taps.

2. Opera Mini 6

It is a totally proxy based browser that you can view a site with absolutely all extras stripped off saving you lots in terms of download time. This can make browsing fast and minimal


You can enjoy multitudes of TV channels for free on demand right on your mobile device. The quality is pretty good but you have to know that the channels available can be quite specific, but one cannot complain when it is free.

4. TwimGo

This one gives you a slick interface with Twitter updates, options along with a landscape view, wherein you can view tweets in table format. You will however have to live with the smaller font

5. Sports Tracker

This one works great for uploading the exercise that you undertake and also has a heart monitor to keep things on the track to becoming fit

6. Facinate

Is client for Facebook that provides easy access on the phone. It is easy to scroll through and comes with a lot of good features. The downside is you will have to settle for some advertisements inserted.

7. Nokia Sleeping Screen

With clever and graphic display in a power save mode this is quite good.

8. Nokia Internet Radio

It is good for getting music and news content from air, of course depending on the bandwidth available

9. Opera Mobile 11

This one works more like a conventional browser and also has other added features like zoom and faster support for entering inputs

10. Podcatcher

It enables watching of podcasts and also updating feeds and downloads

11. Youtube Downloader

It is efficient and has a resolution of up to 108p and is great for downloading videos on the move

12. Tunewiki

This one offers a guide to your music assimilation based on lyrics. But since it is free you will have to live with a few ads.

13. cuteBox

This enables you to share and backup content in a simple way

14. Mobile Documents

This is a substitute system for mail and also enables support for many accounts and provides pseudo push.

15. Upcode

This one is good for scanning barcoad or QR code, a feature which seemed to have been overlooked earlier

16. Raminfo

This will let you monitor how much RAM is being used in your phone letting you plan things accordingly based on this information. A very easy and delightful addition to your phone.

17. Socially

This application acts as Twitter/Facebook/ Foursquare/Linkedin client along with a calendar synchronizing and contacts to a limited extent.

18. Skype

Great for Voice over Internet protocol calls with good voice quality to enable keeping in touch

19. Wikipedia reader

This one is Wikipedia content made especially for mobile viewing. So you can still get some information when you are on the move.

20. X-plore

It is a great file manager with good interface.

So these are some of the best and free application for Symbian Smartphones which you can use. So give try to these applications and share your opinion with us.

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