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50 Most Common or Worst Wi-Fi Passwords in 2013

In today’s post I’m going to answer the question which is asked by one of my friend i.e. What are Most Common WI-Fi Passwords? To give an answer to this question I explore the whole web and found some common passwords for WI-Fi which is used by the majority of people.

Most Common Wi-Fi Passwords

Here are the top most-used passwords. Is yours one of them? If so, then I strongly suggest you to change it to something stronger immediately

1. password

2. 123456

3. 12345678

4. 1234

5. qwerty

6. 12345

7. dragon

8. pussy

9. baseball

10. football

11. letmein

12. monkey

13. 696969

14. abc123

15. mustang

16. michael

17. shadow

18. master

19. jennifer

20. 111111

21. 2000

22. jordan

23. superman

24. harley

25. 1234567

26. 1234567890

27. iloveyou

28. princess

29. rockyou

30. abc123

31. babygirl

32. qwerty

33. monkey

34. lovely

35. letmein

36. myspace1

37. password1

38. link182

39. dragon

40. trustno1

41. sunshine

42. master

43. 123123

44. welcome

45. shadow

46. ashley

47. jesus

48. ninja

49. mustang

50. michael

So this is the list of the most common or you can say worst password WI-Fi password in 2013. I hope you didn’t find your password in the above list. And if so, I again highly recommend you to switch something secure. I also have some tutorial which helps you to create secure passwords. This tutorial has 4 steps to make strong and secure password i.e.

  • Step 1: Choose a phrase
  • Step 2: Add special characters
  • Step 3: Associate it with a website

Step 1: Choose a phrase

You can make a secure password just by making using simple phrases like “My very educated Mother just shows us nine Planet”. Now if we use the first letter from every word and substitute “9” with “Nine”. We get:


Step 2: Add special characters

We can also make above password more secure and strong just by adding special characters like


Step 3: Associate it with a website

Now you have a secure password. But you can also use your new password on several different websites by adding a prefix or suffix. Like show below

  • #MveMjsu9P:AmZ for Amazon 
  • fCb#MveMjsu9P: for Facebook 
  • #MveMjsu9P:YtB for YouTube 
  •    ppl#MveMjsu9P: for Paypal

So this is nerdsmagazine tip and tutorial to make a secure password. Try It Yourself! What are your best tips for staying secure online? Let us know in the comments.

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