Stop Bothering Gas Station Attendees. Use These 10 Great iPhone GPS Apps

Scout GPS

One of the greatest perks to come along with the advent of iPhones, has to be the apps that help you with navigation. GPS devices are no longer necessary, as you can simply download an app to help you find your way. That is a big cost savings, not to mention one less device to have to carry around or replace when it is outdated. Whether you need an app for business travel, vacations, or even for hiking, GPS help is just a download away. Here are ten terrific iPhone apps to aid in your travels.

Scout GPS – This little navigator is a very popular choice among iPhone users. They love the constant updates that keep the info fresh. The app gets better the more it is used by you, as it learns more about your preferences.

Scout GPS

Google Maps – This app is my go-to for finding addresses during my daily route driving. It is simple to use and I never have bad directions given to me, unlike some stand-alone GPS devices I have used before.

Google Maps

MotionX GPS – Could 5 million users be wrong…well yes, but not in this case. If you are the outdoors type, then this app is designed for you. Backpacker magazine voted it the #1 GPS app. There are not many outdoor sports that this app will not enhance.

MotionX GPS

Waze Social GPS, Maps & Traffic – Getting GPS social is becoming the cool thing to do. Waze is at the forefront of this, with their emphasis on community. Avoid heavy traffic, find the best deal on gas, and even see Facebook friends who are driving to your destination as well(good way to avoid the crazies).

Waz Social GPS

Navigon USA – If price is not an issue, then this one may be for you. It is one of the most accurate GPS apps available. It also works when some apps will not, due to weak cell signals. That is a difference maker for rural areas.


CoPilot GPS – This app is not the cheapest, but the downloadable maps are a good value. It has a couple of versions to fit your specific needs. There are some perks that you must pay for in order to use, like turn by turn navigation.

CoPilot GPS

GPS Navigation (Sat Nav) – If being able to use the maps in offline mode interests you, then you are not alone. That is a great feature to save time and a more dependable way to view a map. Turn by turn is even available offline!

GPS Navigation

Free GPS – If you are seeking a minimalist approach to GPS, then this simply titled, “Free GPS”, might fit your needs. It is designed to be way point friendly and fishermen brag about it being great for their sport.

Free GPS

Life360 – Family Locator, Messaging and More – If you are like me and do not trust your wife, this app can help you track….never mind. Seriously, I have used this app for some peace of mind when my family has had to travel, when I was stuck at work. It is a good way to be connected, even when loved ones have to be out of state. Great for teenage kids who are new drivers as well.


GPS Trip Journal – I love to hike, but do not ever seem to take the notes I plan to, so I can remember my trip. This GPS hiking app aids you in organizing your thoughts, tips, and notes during the hike.

Trip Journal
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