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Install Ice Cream Sandwich on Samsung Galaxy 7 Tab [AOKP ROM]

Install Ice Cream Sandwich on Samsung Galaxy 7 Tab

Easy tutorial to install Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 on Samsung Galaxy 7 Tab P1000 with help of AOKP Custom ROM.

Install Ice Cream Sandwich on Samsung Galaxy 7 Tab

Daily we get lots of tutorials to update older android version to recent android version. And in this article I will show How to install Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 on Samsung Galaxy 7 Tab P1000. We all know that Samsung Galaxy 7 Tab is one of the best android tablet under with cool specifications and amazing features. But the bad thing is that Samsung yet not decided to provide an Official Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade to its best android tab, the Galaxy 7 Tab

But we all know that when there is a problem we always have a solution and this time solution is AOKP Custom ROM. As this custom ROM is unofficial for the Samsung Galaxy 7 Tab P1000, but it’s still worth trying. This tutorial is specially for those users who can’t wait to experience android 4.0.3 on their Galaxy 7 Tab P1000.

One thing which is great about this Rom is that feature in this build is working perfectly. As ROM is still in Beta phase and not completed yet due to this you can face Problems/Bugs which are listed below:

  • Do not try to center the clock on Home Screen this might become reason due to which clock gets disappear.
  • Do not try to play a lot with Brightness. This may create a graphics problem for your tab.
  • Torch not working under this built.
  • Horizontal recent value will take very small space on your screen.
  • There might be some other bug/problem which you can face.

And the developer is making every possible effort to make this ROM work ideally. But users who can’t wait for ideal working AOKP Custom ROM for their Samsung Galaxy 7 Tab P1000 can try this.

What are the features of AOKP Custom ROM which are listed below

  • Android 4.0.3 – ITL41F
  • Support for many devices (e.g Galaxy Nexus (maguro/toro), Galaxy S (GT-I9000), HP Touchpad (tenderloin, etc.) Unsecure boot.img (stock AOSP kernel)
  • Superuser & Busybox preinstalled
  • Deodexed
  • 180 Degree rotation\
  • Built in performance/init.d configuration (Thanks Kejar & company)
  • Custom Power Menu
  • Brightness slider in navigation bar.
  • Custom color for anything in RC
  • Custom Clock Color/Location: Right, Center, Disable
  • Battery Icon/ Color Picker: CircleMod, Bar, Text Only, Icon Only, Icon+Text or None
  • Battery Bar in Status Bar or Nav Bar, Bar Thickness, Charging animation
  • Nav Bar Transparency
  • Nav Bar Button Reorder: Back-Home-Search-Menu
  • Nav Bar Color Picker
  • Nav Bar Button Glow Duration: Off, Fast, Slow
  • Nav Bar: Long press to Search button
  • Nav Bar Hide on Lockscreen
  • Toggles in Pull Down Menu: Auto rotate, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, Aiplane mode, Vibrate, Silent, Sync, Data, 4G, Tethering, Torch, Brightness
  • Traditional’ toggle layout (where the toggle is on the very top) — find in RC > Statusbar General > Layout
  • LCD Density (Careful with this)
  • Menu Button location: Right, Left, both, Remove
  • Menu Button Visability: Always show, Always show Invisible Icons
  • Lockscreen Style: Stock, Quad, Octo, ol‘ gingerbread
  • Lockscreen Wallpaper
  • Lockscreen color changer
  • Lockscreen calendar
  • Lockscreen SMS customizable shortcut (with icons)
  • Lockscreen Horizontal Option
  • Performance Menu: (Use With Caution) Max/ Min CPU, Scaling Governor
  • Unlock Screen with Legacy Menu Icon
  • Volume Key to Wake Screen
  • Volume Key to Skip Tracks
  • Long-press back button to kill a process
  • Disable CRT off animation
  • LED pulse settings (time on/off)
  • ICS ringtones/notification sounds
  • Customize carrier text to whatever.
  • Power Menu options: Boot to recovery/ Boot loader, Reboot, Screenshot
  • Facebook contact sync integration (must wipe to get this)
  • Disable Boot animation
  • Keyboard: Volume keys act as a cursor while typing — disable in keyboard options
  • Long press home for recent apps (thanks brucekey)
  • Quick torch (enable in ROM Control, long press power when phone turned off. See the magic.)
  • Fast charge toggle for maguro/toro for kernels that support it
  • Weatherpanel in notification drawer
  • Weather on lockscreen

Note: The Main Source of full list of features of AOKP Custom ROM is Rootzwiki

Requirement to install CM9 ROM on your Samsung Galaxy 7 Tab P1000

So if you are interested to install this Custom ROM on your Android mobile then make sure to fulfill below requirement to proceed further

  • You need to have root Samsung Galaxy 7 Tab P1000 [If your device is not rooted than you have to root it first read here for full tutorial]
  • Make backup of all your data which include  call logs, SMS, contacts, files, bookmarks and Internet settings.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of android firmware installed on your Smartphone.
  • This update is only for the users who own Samsung Galaxy 7 Tab P1000 Smartphone not any other version.
  • Disable and uninstall Antivirus from because it will create problem in updating process.
  • Please make sure that you have more than 80 % battery life left on your phone.

Disclaimer : Since this is a custom ROM, users should understand that they are proceeding with this update on their own risk. Neither developer nor we would be held responsible. Anything happens to your tablet then we are not responsible for anything

Install an Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 on Samsung Galaxy 7 Tab P1000 Procedure

1. First of all download Custom ROM in ICS 4.0.3 Package File for Galaxy 7 Tab P1000. From below are provided link

Download from XDA Developers Forum

2. Now connect your phone to your PC and copy the CyanogenMod package file to the SD card of your device.

3. Now disconnect your phone from your PC.

3. After that, turn off your phone and put it into recovery mode by holding down the Menu button and pressing the Power button.

4. When you are in recovery menu do a full wipe as follows:

  1. Select Wipe data/factory reset.
  2. Select Wipe a cache partition.
  3. Select Advanced > Wipe Dalvik cache.

5. After that while in recovery mode, select “install zip from SD card” then “choose a zip from SD card”.

6. Confirm the installation and wait for it to complete.

7. Return to main recovery menu.

8. Select Reboot system now.

You are done!! Enjoy you have successfully installed Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 on your Galaxy 7 Tab P1000. If you face any problem feel free to share with us. We will try to assist you for sure.

Credits and Special thanks to: Team Kang (The Creator of AOKP)

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