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How to Backup & Restore iPhone 5 Text Messages on Windows & Mac

Sending text messages to loved one’s is a regular activity of every iPhone 5 user. No matter, whether you have Android or iPhone this is fixed and regular habit. But sometimes a thing happens that you receive some interesting text messages through the iPhone, you may would like to save those messages for a long time on your Mac or Windows. But you have to delete some SMS and clean up Inbox when the iPhone storage becomes less and less. So it’s better to back-up those SMS. But how can we do that?

How to Backup and Restore iPhone 5 SMS on Windows & Mac

Backuptrans is one of the best answer for this question. And to give a complete review about this software I decided to publish this article so that iPhone 5 users get an idea about how to back-up all personal and interesting text messages using this portable application for Mac and Windows desktop. You can also Restore text messages back to iPhone 5 from Mac & Windows desktop. But before we start, lets us read the requirement to complete this tutorial i.e

Backuptrans iPhone SMS Backup & Restore is only required for backup and restore text messages. But before running this software you should be sure that your computer had iTunes 10.7 installed on your computer and turned off iCloud backup from your iPhone. Also one more thing you have to be entering the correct password on your iPhone if you have set your iPhone password protected. So lets we start with the first section of this article

How to Backup and transfer iPhone 5 Text Messages on Computer & Mac

1. First, run the software after that connect the iPhone to computer through USB and your system will search your device.

2. Backup all iPhone 5 SMS to computer:

  • Choose your device from the connected devices and click on it.
  • From the top toolbar, click on the “Backup SMS to Local Database” or also you can go to File-> Backup SMS to Local Database.

For Backup iPhone 5 SMS with a single contact to computer:

  • Choose the contact you want in respect to your device.
  • From the toolbar, select “Backup SMS to Local Database” or also you can go go to File->Backup SMS to Local Database.

3. Now select a database to save messages. For this you have to create a new database for iPhone 5, enter a new database name. Confirm it by clicking on Confirm and continue.

Your backup has been successfully done. Using this you can even restore SMS from the database backup file back to your iPhone 5 any time you want. And lots of amazing features which you are going to get with this software which are listed below:

1. Backup iPhone SMS to computer
2. Restore SMS to iPhone from PC
3. Export iPhone SMS to document files such as text, csv, doc or html
4. Import SMS to iPhone from iTunes Backup
5. Print out iPhone SMS messages in conversations
6. iMessage supported also
7. Supports latest iOS 6 and iPhone 5

So give a try to this software and share your feedback with us. Whether you like this application or not?

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