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Record Voice Online Free

In today’s edition we will discuss about different ways to record voice online for free.

Recording voice is one of the activities which is done by everyone of us. In this modern world we have a great variety of gadgets like Smartphone, a voice recorder pen, a computer desktop client, and some other tools, to record voice. But out of these online voice recorder is new and best technique to record a voice.

Online Voice Recorder

It’s an amazing web app which helps us to record voice online quickly and then share that voice in the form of messages over the interwebs.

The following are four best online voice recorders, with which you can record voice in your browsers for free. And if you are using any good voice recorder which is not present in our list don’t forget to share with us using the comment section.

1. Apowersoft– Online Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder allows you to record audio online, free of charge, on Windows OS or Mac PC. It’s easy to operate and lets you record any sound that you can hear. It allows you to record audio files from various audio inputs – System Sound, Microphone, and both System Sound and Microphone.

2. Vocaroo

Vocaroo-Record voice online

Vocaroo is one of the best options available over the web which you can use to record voice online for free. Using this web app you can record voice online by clicking the record button. And when the song is recorded you can :

  • You can listen to it,
  • Email it to your friends,
  • Embed it into your blogs,
  • Link it to the Vocaroo page, and
  • Download as a WAV or Ogg file.

One thing which I personally like about this web is its simple and very usable user interface which makes the whole process very easy.

3. Muziboo – Record Online Karaoke

muziboo copy

Muziboo is another amazing website which you can use to record online voice or karaoke for free. One thing which I really like about this about option to record the song or karaoke and upload the mp3 file. Now this will surely going to help those people who love to sing music and want to keep the record of every song which they sing.

4. Chirbit

Chirbit-record audio for free copy

Chirbit is another web app to record voice online with some additional features. Using this  you can upload, record and share audio for free just by making a quick account. Also

  • Record your voice using a webcam or microphone connected to your computer
  • You can also upload an existing audio.
  • Share audio on Twitter, Facebook, RSS, and email easily

5. Aviary’s Myna


Aviary’s Myna is a good online audio editor with help of which you can record voice online for free, Here you can record voice for 2 hours in the MP3/WAV format after that it’s yours wish to remix that voice, crop it or you want to share in some social media website.

So these are four best online voice recorder which you can try. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us.

6. Soundation


Another cool online tool for recording voice is, Soundation. One of the best and powerful voice recording tool using which you can record your voice and then refine it before sharing it to the world. Not only this you can also create music online for free with an online tool and guess what you don’t have to sign up for using this.

7. Japplis Dictaphone

Japplis DictaphoneDictaphone is amazing free online voice recorder with very simple and easy to use user interface. No registration needed, and also there is no time limitation for recording a file.

8. AudioExpert

AudioExpert- Sound RecorderAudioExpert is a free and simple online audio editor, use it as file converter and sound recorder. But you have to register first to record your sound.

9. AudioPal

AudioPal- Embed Music Player in Blog

AudioPal is another online voice recorder but might be helpful for those users who have their blogs/website. Using this website you can simply record sound online for free and embed your free audio player in any personal website or blog.

10. SoundCloud


We all know about this name, but using this you can also upload your voice online for free. Like other website you can also download and share your voice with your friend, but its a long process, because after recording a file you have to edit tags and information to the file. And I don’t think anyone has time to mess with. But still is a good alternative to the above discussed website for those users who already using Soundcloud.

11. Croak.it

Croak it

Croak. it is another free web app using which you can record your voice and use it everywhere such as Facebook and Twitter. But one thing which I didn’t like about this web tool is that doesn’t offer the link to download the audio file.

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