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List of 11 Official & Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories

After successful launch of most anticipating android mobile Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s time to have some cool accessory for Samsung Galaxy S4 for this android mobile officially. These accessories featuring a variety of cover & cases, health & fitness add-ons and much more interesting selection is coming soon.

In this article I’m going to share with a little review of official accessories by Samsung as full details include pricing and availability, is not yet revealed. So take a look at the official list of accessory for Samsung Galaxy S4 which are listed below. Also don’t forget to share with us in the comment section which one you like the most. So lets we start with

1. S Band

S Band for Samsung Galaxy S4

Its an waterproof f S Band which help you to track your activity of whole day and inform you about your sleep efficiency at night with help of S-Health 2.0 app.

2. S View Cover

S View Cover for Samsung Galaxy S4

One thing which I really like about S view cover is, its look. Its innovative designed featuring Windows with the help of which you will able to see the basic info on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen such as texts, calls, time, updates and alerts.

3. Game Pad

Game Pad for Samsung Galaxy S4

This game pad is specially designed for gamer which fits the Galaxy S4 and pair via Bluetooth, which in turn give you traditional controller for your mobile gaming.

4. Wireless Charging Pad/ Cover

Wireless Charing Pad-cover for Samsung Galaxy S4

You can also enjoy the benefits of wireless charging just by changing the back cover of the Galaxy S4 mobile device.

5. Flip Covers

Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung also going to launch flip covers which are specially designed for new Galaxy S4 android in different pretty colors

6. Pouch

Premium and Classic Pouch for Samsung Galaxy S4

Now you can also protect your new android mobile with official pouch described as Premium and Classic by Samsung in very handsome way.

7. Protective Cover+

Protective Cover  for Samsung Galaxy S4

If protection of one thing which you always keep in mind when its about your smartphone, then you can consider this covers for Samsung Galaxy S4.

8. Headset

Hi-fi Headset for Samsung Galaxy S4

Now you also going to have amazing headset for your Galaxy S4 mobile which assure a “premium hi-fi sound experience”, according to Samsung.

9. Extra Battery Kit

Extra Battery Kit for Samsung Galaxy S4

If you want to keep an extra battery juice when you’re on trip, then now you also have option of extra battery kit with Galaxy S4 by Samsung. But details about this battery is not revealed yet.

10. HRM

HRM for Samsung Galaxy S4

HRM is amazing health and fitness accessory for your device which works with “Running Mate” app. Using this app you will be able to monitor real-time heartbeat.

11. Body Scale

Body Scale for Samsung Galaxy S4

Body Scale will wirelessly transmit up to seven user’s weight measurement via Bluetooth. This is another fitness add-on that will hook up with S-Health 2.0 apps

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