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10 Best iPhone Cases for Full Body Protection 2013

iSkin Revo 4

If you’re adventurous and love to roam over the world exploring adventure carrying your iPhone with you. And if its adventure then its obvious that any gadget which you carrying with you is not safe. This type of condition can make your iPhone dinged, dropped, bumped, kicked, scratched or splashed.

We all know that 2013 is about to end and still lots of people making plans of going to anywhere seek adventure. Then, it’s highly recommended don’t forget to take best case for your iPhone with you. And if you are confused about which is the best iPhone case for your iPhone. In this article I intend to share with you some best iPhone Cases in 2013 which are listed below:

Note: This article is featured iPhone 4 Cases and iPhone 4s Cases

1. Kraken A.M.S.

Kraken A.M.S. Case

Kraken A.M.S featuring dust filters and a built-in screen protector which assure protection of your iPhone from any harm. You can also provide light weight silicone cover protection just by removing the tough outer casing. One thing I really like about this case is  interchangeable kickstand removing which you can fit any accessory to your device.

Cost: $12.99

2. IvySkin Quattro4 Wrangler

IvySkin Quattro4 Wrangler

This cases feautring real glass, anti-glare “Touch-Thru” screen, and case is specially made of ultra-high strength” polycarbonate, aluminum and TPU which ensure 100% protection

Cost: $44.99 $37.99

3. Seidio Convert

Seidio Convert Case

This amazing case provides you 2 in 1 cases functionality to your device. Firstly its assure the full body protection and secondly the locking convert holster which help you to secure your device when you need to go handsfree.

Cost: From $20.49

4. Cygnett WorkMate Pro

Cygnett WorkMate Pro Case

This amazing case is made of polycarbonate and silicone which provides from bumps, scrapes, and every day drops. Also you will get screen protector with a two year manufacturer’s warranty

Cost: $19.99

5. LifeProof iPhone Case

LifeProof iPhone Case

LifeProof iPhone case has amazing sleek design, slimline dimension and very light weight. This case offering dirtproof, waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof and shockproof protection for your iPhone. It’s an great option for those who’s looking for light weight protection for their iPhone.

Cost: $79.99

6. Griffin Technology Survivor

Griffin Technology Survivor Case

Griffin “Survivor” is made up of shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame surrounded by shock-absorbing silicone. This amazing case featuring detachable clip, built-in screen protector and attached plug which provide protection to headphone jack and protection. I like this case personaly because it offer protection from blown dust and grit, rain, vibration, shock, humidity and temprature.

Cost: $25.99

7. Case-Mate Tank

Case-Mate Tank

Case- Mate Tank is made up of shock-absorbing silicone interior and hard polycarbonate impact resistant exterior. This case featuring easy to slide polypropylene retractable screen that ensure protection of front of the phone.

Cost: $29.99

8. Speck MightyVault

Speck Mighty Vault Case

The Speck Might Vault cases provides you triple-layer protection as it has hard polycarbonate on its shell with extra silicone on corner. Also if you want extra protection for connector and handset jack, you also has option to sealed off with rubbery covers.

Cost: $49.95

9. iSkin Revo 4

iSkin Revo 4

The main reason why this case is in demand is because of its detachable, tinted screen “VISOR” that has touch friendly zone at the bottom of the screen. Now this makes users easier to answer call without putting your device into any risk.

Cost: From $15.95

 10. Incipio Bombproof

Incipio Bombproof Case

One of the rigid case for your iPhone by Incipio featuring a covered button where iPhone control button is. This case also comes with built in screen protector and is available in different color like gray, red, orange, blue, black and pink.

Cost: $29.99

So these are some of the best iPhone Cases which definitely provide full body protection. But you can also let us know your favorite cases which you are using for your device. You can also suggest some good cases for newly launched iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C.

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