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List of 11 Best Gaming Controller for iPhone and iPad

The invention of world’s most interesting devices, the iPhone and iPad has gained a lot of popularity with its exciting features and applications. Games on the Apple devices have always been interesting. Designers and companies have designed a lot of games to fulfill the needs of Apple users and to entertain them. With the advancement in technology, there are a lot of games for which the touch screen is not enough. If your phone is not giving a good response to play a game, then you should definitely need some help from the interesting gadgets that have been designed especially for iPhone and iPad gamers.

Following are 11 most interesting gaming controllers and gadgets. These are helping you to play games on your Apple devices easily.

1. iCade


In late 80’s, having iCADE is one of the dreams of every gamer. Now it’s not, you just have to slide in your iPad, buy and download exciting Atari games and enjoy.

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2. Atari Arcade


Are you an Atari fan? If yes, then this amazing gadget is especially for you. It has a classy design with its amazing logo in the red. This gadget easily supports all the Atari games that are capable to be played on iPad. You should not care about the size of your device. It can support up to 20 inches.

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3. GameDock


Are you missing the Nintendo style gaming with your friend? GameDock allows you to turn your iPad 2+, iPhone 4+ and iPod touch 4+ into a really interesting and amazing 2 player console.

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4. Duo Gamer


You should prepare yourself for something very interesting. The duo gamer controller is released this fall. It will support multiplayer and it has its own controller with a nice analog joystick. This gadget is going to support all the top rated heavy games.

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If you cannot call yourself a gamer without a joystick, then you should definitely order JOYSTICK-IT. With its amazing design, this joystick sticks to the iPad’s by a little push. You just have to launch the compatible game and start playing. A small version of this joystick is also available for iPhones.

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6. IMpulse


This is a typical iPhone game controller. This controller has added some amazing features. You can easily locate the missing keys by pressing the ‘locate’ button in your iphone and the app will find keys for you.

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7. Drone


This gamepad is not compatible for iOS devices only but it also supports Android. It has got a bluetooth connectivity. You can also play PC games with your Drone too. So, it’s all in one pack.

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8. 60beat GamePad


With this amazing controller, you will not suffer game lagging. You will find every possible feature in this controller that a true gamer needs. This amazing controller connects to your iDevice through a headphone jack.

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9. ICADE Mobile


Get ready to play amazing games on your Smartphones. The ICADE Mobile connects to your phone with its physical hard shell. It provides both landscape and portrait mode.

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10. GameTel Controller


Do you need another small and beautiful controller for your iPhone and iPod touch? If your answer is yes, then you can definitely go and get GameTell controller. It is small and sleek design that supports both Android and iOS platforms. This thing makes GameTel Controller worthy and different from others.

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11. IcontrolPad 2


If you are a regular gamer then you can handle this amazing 55-key gaming keyboard. This can easily attach with any idevice via USB and Bluetooth connections.

Read more about the iControlPad2.

These are some of the amazing game controllers for the iPhone and iPad. Hope you will get the best what you want for professional gaming.   Also don’t forget to tell us which one you going to buy? Also if already using one out of the above mentioned, please share with us what you like the most about that particular controller.

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