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10 Tips to Improve Samsung Galaxy Camera Battery Life

Did you ever miss the chance to capture an amazing moment using your Samsung Galaxy Camera just because its battery said goodbye to you. Then not to worry anymore because following tips will help you extend your camera’s battery life, So that you’re able to squeeze out a single drop of juice from your Android Galaxy Camera Battery and keep your shooting longer.

10 Ways to Extend Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy Camera

So lets we starts our article about How to Optimize or Extend Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy Camera:

Note: These tips are for those users who don’t have any extra battery and don’t even have the option to charge their smart android camera. You might also love to read about  How to Optimize and Improve Android Battery life

1. Review Pictures Later

If possible show some patience to check review of all captured photos when you are done with your photography session. Running LCD screen for a long time on your galaxy camera mean the quick fall of the battery. So try to make less use of LCD Screen.

2. Minimize the LCD Preview Time

Try to minimize the length of the time which is taken by your camera to show a preview of the image which you captured. Basically all digital cameras set this function to 5 seconds or more by default, so it’s better to minimize this time or turn preview off to add some more shots.

3. Turn on Power Saving Modes

Samsung Galaxy Camera also has an amazing power saving setting on the camera, just like Android devices, to make every drop of the juice from the battery. When this featured is turned on, this will automatically shut down your camera which makes sure that your camera is not using any power when its ideal.

4. Turn Off Continuous Autofocus

If you are not capturing moving objects, then its better to turn on the Autofocus feature on your Android camera, and this will definitely conserve lots of power.

5. Refrain Automatic Flash

Using built-in flash while taking pictures also conserve lots of power. We all know that we don’t need flash all the time to click better shots. For example, if you are capturing photos in low light and are far away from the action. It will add no effect on your final image. So its better to turn it off this feature and use it only when necessary.

6. Carry an Extra Battery

You can also carry a spare battery if you are going out and you don’t want to miss any shot. Now this will ensure that you have backup and you can use this spare battery when first one say its over from my side. You can simply buy spare batteries from reputable dealers.

7.  Fully Cycle Charge

To maintain the efficiency of the battery, you must fully charge the battery once a month and try to the battery from less than 20% of full. Keep that in mind that this happens without any pause.

8. Use Your Camera to Shoot Pictures

Everything you do on your camera uses battery power, so its better to avoid using features of the camera if you don’t have any spare battery and option to charge your battery. For example deleting images from memory cards, recording audio annotations about each photo and related.

9. Make Less use of Zoom feature

Motor that move lens also uses power, so if possible try to use zoom feature of the camera when needed. So its suggestion not to play with the lens just for fun.

10. Avoid long exposures and video

If you are keeping shutter open for long that, that means huge battery drain for sure. And same in case of videos, if you are shooting videos in full HD, which requires lots of intensive processing of camera and power due to use of the LCD screen.

In the end I want to share with you my personal tips i.e. If your Samsung galaxy Camera is running out of the battery and you need to click some more shots, all you need to do is turn off the power for a few minutes. And start again I’m sure you will get enough power to take final shots.

So above the tips which you can use to optimize battery backup of your Samsung Galaxy Camera when you are on a trip and you don’t have enough resources to charge it up. So give try to these tips and don’t forget to share with us whether this tip helps you or not. Also if you have any tip which you want to share with me, feel free to share with us.

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