Is Titan Fall 3 In the EA Development Pipeline?

Now I realize this may be an odd question to ask seeing as Titan Fall and Titan Fall 2 originally landed without making the impact Respawn Entertainment desired. But four years after the release of the original title fans have developed a cult-like devotion to the first person shooter distributed by Electronic Arts (EA).

Which begs the question, will Respawn and EA give the few a third title in the franchise in the hopes of getting Titan Fall the mass acclaim the beautifully crafted series deserves? If the reading of the tea leaves is to be believed we may see Titan Fall 3 released within the next year.

Electronic Arts Purchases Respawn Entertainment

It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear the publishing giant Electronic Arts has purchased Respawn Entertainment. What may be surprising to you is the price tag. EA bought the young Los Angeles based game development company for a whopping 455 Million. They had to outbid Korean game developers Nexon, who make the Titan Fall mobile games. This seems like a lot of money to be thrown at a company that as of yet only has one title, Titan Fall.

Fight scene from Titanfall 2 depicting soldiers clashing with giant robots.

But what the deal reveals is there may still be more to come. Documentation states Respawn will play a part in the development of unannounced Star Wars action adventure game.  Furthermore, the deal makes mention of Titan Fall 3 but not much more is communicated about a possible timeline.

Clues From Within

Now EA acquiring Respawn and Titan Fall 3 being mentioned in the deal is all well and good but does it really mean anything? There was a good amount of time many fans believed Titan Fall would never get a fair shot at success.

The team at Respawn released Titan Fall 2 right in the middle of massive Call of Duty and Battlefield rollouts, hamstringing their babies chances at stardom. But according to CEO Vince Zampella they are developing “more Titan Fall.” Zampella stated, “It is important to us to keep the franchise going.”

Looking deeper we can also learn Respawn posted a good amount of new job openings on their site. This is pretty good evidence they have at least one project in the works.

Zampella also mentioned, “We have our franchise Creative Director, who’s in charge of safeguarding the franchise in multiple formats and making sure it continues to grow. There’re some other things we are doing that haven’t been announced yet, but we are heavily invested in the Titan Fall universe.”

Titan Fall Incoming

Despite no concrete announcements from any of the top people at Respawn or EA things are looking up for fans of Titan Fall. While the original hooked players with giant battling Mechs the sequel introduced a fun and fast-paced campaign further strengthening the mythology of the series. As well as an unmatched multiplayer experience. What the franchise and fans deserve now is a supercharged fusion of all these elements.

If the team at Respawn and EA are able to build, package, and properly release the still unannounced, Titan Fall 3 they may just make players claim the respect their creation deserves.

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