What is Rooting and Unrooting in a Android Mobile

There are lots of reasons why people get android phone and one is, its power and ability to customize the heck out of it. But that doesn’t mean that other platform are not good and customizable. Android offers users the ability to tweak its overall look just with the use of Widgets, Home Screen Launcher and other features which you can download from Google Play Store.

rooting and unrooting

But sometimes these features get failed to provide deeper customization and this is where “rooting” comes in. If you are Android phone users then I’m sure that you’ve read about this term over web on a different website. But if you are a new Android user and still don’t know the exact meaning of rooting in android, then this article is surely your cup of tea. In this article we are going to discuss about:

  • What is Rooting and Unrooting in a Android Phone
  • Difference Between Rooted and Unrooted Android Phones
  • What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting a Android Phone

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a process allowing users of Smartphone’s, tablets, and other devices running the Android operating system to attain privileged control (known as “root access”) within Android’s subsystem. Basically rooting is performed to overcome the limitation that wireless service providers and hardware manufacture of android phone put on some devices. If your android mobile is rooted that means you are super users on your android cell phone and you got ability to customize or replace system application and setting the way you want to do. This little word rooting provide you power to run specialized apps that require administrator-level permissions and perform another operation which are inaccessible to a normal android.

Rooting is analogous to jailbreaking devices running the Apple iOS operating system or the Sony PlayStation 3

Why is it called Rooting?

Basically “root” term comes from the Unix/Linux world which is used to describe a user who has “superusers” rights or permission to all the files and programs in the Android OS.

What is Unrooting

Unrooting is the reverse process of rooting in which you  unroot your phone and return it to stock. This process gives your warranty back, which gets void after your rooted your android mobile

Advantages of Rooting an Android Phone

Many people are unaware about rooting, they don’t even know what they can do with rooting android mobile. Below are going to share with you some of advantages which you are going to get after your device get rooted.

1. Custom Software (ROM’s)

If you have superusers rights means you can install Custom ROM’s on your android cell phone. Basically, custom Rom is own version of Android, a new Operating System which is developed by developers. Using these ROM’s  you can alter your Smartphone experience, it changes the color of your icons, app dock, an app menu etc. With custom rooms you can uncap the full potential of your Smartphone which a normal user can’t get.

2. Custom Themes

After rooting your android device you get a full ability to customize every graphic on your device. There are  hundreds of custom themes over the web which you can load  to completely change the look and feel of your device.

3. Cool Applications

There are a number of applications which work only on a rooted android device like screenshot apps, Overlocking apps, ROM Manager, Wireless Tether for Root Users, Root Explorer, Titanium Backup and many more

4. Speed and Performance

We all know that kernels are behind the performance of the processor of your Smartphone. So if you change the kernel version, you can change your processor and that will also improve the speed and performance of your Smartphone.

5. Increasing Battery life.

There are many apps specially made for rooted devices which access system settings and increase the device’s battery life by optimizing it to a great extent.

6. Installing Unsupported apps

There are lots of apps which are not supported by your device, but after rooting your Smartphone you can install them by editing your build.prop file.

7. Backing Up your device.

After rooting your Smartphone you can also install a custom bootloader and perform a nandroid backup of your device. It is a backup which when restored, restores your device to the same state as it was performing during the backup.

So these are the advantages and benefits which you are going to get when you root your Android Smartphone. But if you feel I missed any good advantage, then feel free to share with us.

Disadvantages of Rooting an Android Phone

But if rooting a device has advantages, it also has some disadvantages which you can read below

1. Bricking

The number one reason not to root your device is the potential risk of “bricking” it. As mentioned earlier, “bricking” your device means screwing up your phone software so badly that your phone can no longer function properly and is pretty much as useless as a brick.

2. Loose Warranty

You would likely need to purchase a new Android device from the manufacturer of your device will void the warranty after any attempts at rooting. But you can get your guarantee back by restoring (reinstall) a stock build recovery and to un-root

3. Malicious Software

There is an increased risk of unknowingly installing malicious software when you root an Android device. That means worms, viruses, spyware and Trojans can infect the rooted Android software if it’s not protected by effective mobile antivirus for Android.

So now it’s all up to you whether you want to root your Android phone or you want to stick with stock ROM. If you have any query or suggestion related to this topic, please share with us in the comment section

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39 Responses

  1. Kemosabe says:

    How to choose what to use for basic operation without all peripherals to save battery?

  2. bharani says:

    is there any problem in malicious software

  3. Aedus says:

    I just bought a refurbished phone second hand that I suspect might be “rooted”, because it won’t let me play some apps that I know are compatible with the OS. How can I put my phone back to normal???

  4. Nabil Taleb says:

    Hi Nerd’s Magazine

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet. Someone recently rooted my tablet and I can no more have the regular software updates for my tablet that come from Samsung. I was told that in order to have these software updates, I should unroot it, and after having the software updates, I can re-root the tablet all over again. So, whenever I want to have the updates, I have to unroot and then re-root again on a continuous basis.

    Do you see this continuous process of unrooting and re-rooting as the only solution for having both the rooting of my tablet and the software updates at the same time? How often do software updates come from Samsung? If I perform the unrooting and re-rooting once a year, will that be OK?

    I look forward to your help and thanks in advance.

    Nabil Taleb

  5. joe says:

    Thank you for the explanation!

  6. Abdul-Latif says:

    how to check on my infinix note phone whether it is rooted or not rooted

  7. Ehsan says:

    Dear Aladdin, how do I go back on, 5.1 lollipop and get my original 4.4Kit Kat for lenovo p70-a.
    It’s just not for me.

  8. kishor says:

    Nice post…..

  9. sandra says:

    Would you please help me root my phone. Not tec Davey and have no clue. Thank you even if answer is no.S.T.

  10. showbox app says:

    You’re so awesome! I do not think I’ve truly read something like that
    before. So great to discover somebody with a few original thoughts on this subject.
    Really.. many thanks for starting this up. This site is something that is
    required on the web, someone with some originality!

  11. Mike Galione says:

    Rooted Android Sky Go won’t let you use a rooted smart phone can you unroot a phone so that it will work on Sky Go

  12. Brittnie says:

    I have a Alcatel one touch fierce 2 7040N android and my phone keeps saying there is a new system update available but when I try to update my phone a message pops up and says “your device has been detected with ROOT access, upgrade is disabled”… So should I just ignore the upgrade and not worry about it or should I unroot my phone to allow the system update to download please help I don’t know what to do about this

  13. Rajib Syamal says:

    Sir,I have datawind dw-ubt7c+ tablet. It is not rooted. Is there any problem If I root it? Which is safe for my device in between root and unroot.

  14. scrap64 says:

    Ty for the tutorial, I was curious about this because I have a Cable app to watch T.v. and it keeps telling me it cannot download stations. When I went to the description in Playstore I met all the criteria on my OS but it says tablet or phone must be unroofed. I just purchased my HP 7 Plus a few days ago.As I understand you it comes unrooted, is that correct? I don’t want to root it, but as I said, your info was excellent. Makes me want to learn more about Systems. Thanks.

  15. ttet says:

    My phone (samsung i9100) is not getting the official update and is showing some errors if I try to update.
    will my phone function normally if I ROOT it and upgrade it with an official Android OS and UN-ROOTit again.
    Any help will be highly appreciated.

  16. TAHA says:

    may i root my Nokia XL?
    will it work properly??

  17. eortile says:

    Hi, I need help with unrooting my device. I have a GT-I9505 and installed android 4.3 from Chainfire. I am trying to restore it the way it was to make sure I can go back and forth between versions (and to make sure I retain my warranty just in case). I’m however stuck. I still have the SuperSU installed but when I launch it, it shows a window saying, “There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it…..If you just upgraded to Android 4.3, you need to manurally re-root – consult the relevant forums for your device!”. I cannot find the site where I can get the new software to root the 4.3. Do you guys know where it is available?

  18. ttetengster says:

    If we un-root back the rooted phone, the performance is still the same like usual or phone might have a problem. I always tend to root my phone. but when I read the disadvantages, I feel scared .. so please help me .. sorry for bad english. hope you understand..

  19. Keith says:

    On blockbusters site they have a ton of people leaving reviews, and most say BB sucks and app doesn’t work and I’ve read a few reviews were people say they had to un root their phone or tablet before app would work streaming movies. Does this sound correct??? From what I’ve read your phone comes rooted from factory and you must un root it for whatever reason. From all the bas reviews I read at BB site on downloading their app, it seems to me it wouldn’t be worth it. Does anyone else here have an BB account through their app for streaming movies???

  20. ROOT says:

    after rooting and install a few rom on my phone samsung galaxy ace gt-s5830, suddenly my phone cant turn on anymore!! I google a lot about this but no one is working for me.
    My phone didnt respon to any driver,method etc. USB JIG… to turn android in download mode without pressing any key is the best but not working for my bricked rooting cwm phone!! I forgot to unroot it after rooting…………

    Screen Shot http://www.mediafire.com/download/57xbjldxg453ov8

    • Aladdin says:

      I don’t know why this happen, But I’m sure that you did or follow something wrong which take you into this 😛

  21. root says:

    Great post. Well Written. Users must read this post before rooting your phone

  22. unquestionably as if your website however you want to implement consumers transliteration on many within your discussions. Some of them tend to be filled having spelling problems we locating the item extremely worrisome to share with the reality however I will unquestionably return again.

  23. There are so many benefits of rooting your device. But one mains disadvantage is that you will lose the warranty of your device.

    BTW nice guide for the newbies 🙂

  24. thanks for tell us the difference between root and unroot

  25. shubham says:

    sir is there any screenshot app in the market which will works on unrooted android, if yes please reply me.

  26. Joel Cruz says:

    is un rooting safe?

  27. Mark Louie says:

    guys help me my Galaxy Y GT-S5360 isnt turning on. and it stucks on samsung logo whenever I turn it on and keeps the logo blinking after the logo appears ….help me plzz

  28. peter says:

    Pls i need help! I just installed android 4.1 in my galaxy y. But my problem is there’s a lot of bugs and i dont like it anymore. So i’m trying to recover it to old version the original galaxy y style.. Pls help me. I just bought my phone 4 days ago and its new. Help me

  29. varg says:

    Excellent explanations.. thanks

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