Rumors Surround Release Of Apple iOS 10

With the September 7 Apple Event just around the corner there have been many rumors flying around about the release of a new operating system iOS 10. It has been quite some time since the operating system has seen a major overhaul. The last significant update came with the iPhone 6s which offered 3D touch. But if the rumors surrounding iOS 10 are true we have much to look forward to.

The update which is to be pushed on millions of Apple users sometime next week probably after the keynote has been delivered will have some common sense improvements that users probably didn’t even know they wanted or needed.

Press To Unlock

According to Business Insider the days of sliding your finger across the screen to pull up a key pad is no more. For those not yet using TouchID you will no longer swipe to unlock. The keypad will be summoned upon pressing the home key (if there still is a home key). By swiping right you can now find a redesigned notifications page.

You'll find swiping right now brings you to a new, totally revamped notifications screen. And swiping left gets to the camera app quickly. If you don't use the TouchID fingerprint sensor, you'll press on the home button instead of swiping.

Remove The Junk

This rumor sounds almost too good to be true but I am choosing to believe. You know all those built in, Apple apps that are taking up room on your phone? You will now be able to remove them permanently from your device. Hold, click, delete. Good-bye junk apps.

2. You can remove Apple's built-in junk apps!

Receive Calls From Other Apps

Where you would have had to previously unlock your phone and go to the app to answer the call the updated iOS 10 will allow calls from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to come straight to your lock screen. Common sense convenience.

3. iOS 10 enables users to receive calls from apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger right on the lockscreen.

Apple Music Updated

It is rumored the iPhone 7 will no longer come with the pathetically small 16GB storage option and to capitalize on storage optimization iOS 10 will allow users to delete music straight from their phone by going to their settings and changing the storage options.

Apple Music has also received a sprucing up, looking cleaner and brighter than ever.

5. Apple Music also got a major makeover. It's a lot brighter and airier now.


There are rumored to be some updates to the iMessage app as well. Apple is allowing outside developers to create messaging apps which should result in a diverse and entertaining new ways to communicate with friends and family.

And you can draw pictures and send disappearing messages. Apple is also opening an app store for iMessage, so software developers will come up with even more new Messages features. And try to send a "happy birthday" message to a friend — they'll get a surprise.


This update makes complete sense to me despite being a minimal change. The Alarms page will now be dark allowing you to not be blasted by light when you remember in the middle of the night to set an alarm.


From now on you have no excuse to not know where you parked. With iOS 10 your iPhone will automatically remember where you parked your car. This. This is brilliant.

8. Your iPhone will remember where you parked your car automatically.

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