Why Is Linux Hosting So Much More Popular Than Windows?

The 21st century has seen the rapid digitization of life. All things within daily life – be it shopping or eating out or commuting, technology and computers have a role in enabling almost all of these activities. Different countries, organizations and people collaborate on the internet and contribute to a better working world. And the internet works with the use of computers called servers or hosts. Humans interact with computers with the help of operating systems. The importance of Linux reseller hosting stems from the fact a big chunk of the internet (websites) is up and running, thanks to cheap Linux reseller hosting.

What is an Operating System?

Computers do not understand the human language but speak in Binaries, i.e., zeroes and ones. Therefore for computers to understand the human language, the software acts as an interface or translator between humans and computers – called operating systems. Linux, Windows and Mac OS are the most popular operating systems in use today. While Mac OS and Windows are available to use on payment of a subscription fee, Linux is free.

What is Web-hosting?

Every web page viewed on the internet is retrieved from a computer that stores this data on its hard-disk. For a person to view the website that is created, the computer must be connected to the internet. The computer or server which stores such data is called a host, and the service of providing computers to store such information is called web-hosting. It is renting storage space, RAM and bandwidth on a particular computer for a website to be available on the internet. The host computer may have an operating system running on Linux or Windows and is appropriately called a Linux host or Windows host link.

What is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting is when a user has rented out specific storage space on a server and has the right to resell their unused storage space to another person within their right. It is similar to a concept where one rents an apartment and after that sublets any unused rooms within that apartment to third parties in their own right.

The reasons for the popularity of Linux hosting over Windows hosting

Linux is cost-effective

The most basic and primary advantage of Linux hosts over Windows hosts is the cost. Linux being free, the web-hosting service providers do not bear any subscription charges like that of Windows. This benefit also accrues to the consumer.

Open-source codes power Linux

The source code with which the OS is written for Linux is available to everyone, whereas Windows is not. It means the code is open to scrutiny at all times, and anyone can fix the issues with the OS. However, Microsoft (which owns Windows) would choose to address only the most pressing problems at any given time. Linux, therefore, has excellent community support. This is why Linux powered systems rarely have to reboot either for an update or due to a crash.

Linux is Secure

Windows is susceptible to external threats and hackers. On the other hand, Linux cannot be hacked or be made a medium for spreading malware because of its design. It makes Linux an attractive alternative since there would be no need to use commercial anti-virus software.

Linux is trusted by key players

Key players in the digital world, such as Google and Facebook, rely on Linux powered systems to serve their content. Google drive, Thunderbird, Dropbox, etc., and many more applications run on a Linux base. It is a known fact that 100% of the supercomputers worldwide run on the Linux operating system. Usage by governments and the military of Linux within their systems is highly reliable assurance as to its security.

Best suited for dynamic websites

Linux based hosting also is advantageous for dynamic websites such as online shopping, ticketing or healthcare providers, etc., who have heavy data traffic. Unlimited Linux reseller hosting is a boon for even small commercial enterprises without having to pay a bomb!


Linux being the key OS used by programmers worldwide, the Linux reseller hosting is also in great demand. Linux supports most programming languages such as Python, MySQL, PHP, Ruby, Perl, etc.


Linux hosting delivers a tool called the cPanel that helps one manage one’s website in terms of storage space usage, have multiple databases, maintenance of websites, etc., quickly with a few clicks without any technical know-how. It is absent in Windows hosts.

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