How to Remove all the Bloatware from Your Samsung Galaxy S4

Remove all bloatware from Samsung Galaxy S4

We all know that every android device comes with pre-installed “bloatware” i.e. Unwanted and unnecessary application. Basically, these applications are added by your carrier and by Samsung on your Galaxy phone. These apps are often useless, and sometimes they are just duplicates of applications which already exist on Google play store with better functionality.

How to remove all bloatware from Samsung Galaxy S4

No one is happy with this as these eat up lots of ram and space without giving not value to the device. Sometimes these useless apps become more frustrating when cluttering your drawer. You can remove these without any issue, but removal process becomes so long when you have more than 100 apps which are baked into the system and you’ve know idea which app safe is safe to remove or not.

If you’re the one who looking for a way to remove these bloatware from your Samsung Galaxy S4 and want to do it yourself, then you should check out the TrulyClean script which is developed by XDA Senior Member schoolsux.

In this article you’re going to read a guide about How you can use a TrulyClean script to remove unwanted or useless apps from your Samsung Galaxy S4. Let us have a look below:

What is TrulyClean Script?

TrulyClean is a “any rom” script which helps you to remove bloatware (unwanted or useless apps) and other stuff on the phone. Using this script you can remove about 600mb since version 1.3 (Counted by removing from stock firmware.)

Things to Keep in mind about TrulyClean Script

  • The purpose of this script is to give you a clean start like Nexus series experience but with Samsung Core intact.
  • By running a default script you can remove all bloatware apps from your device.
  • Might be after applying  this script your phone start booting faster and running snappier or it can be illusion.

How to install TrulyClean Script on your Samsung Galaxy S4

Disclaimer: This script’s default setting is created after my taste and may remove something you use. If this is the case, have a look at this & edit the script at your own risk:

1. First of all download

2. After that default script or edit the script according to your taste. (Check the guide below!)

3. Now you need to copy to phone.

4. To get the most out of it, make sure to do a full wipe, install a custom ROM and then flash

Note: Script only removes apps in /system, so you have to uninstall any updated apps manually.

5. After that you need to flash in recovery & run script after every time you flash a new ROM.

6. Enjoy, your script is installed successfully. Also, if you want to edit TrulyClean script you can follow below guide

How to edit TrulyClean Script

1. First of all open the .zip packing using WinRAR and similar application. After that extract META-INFcomgoogleandroid”updater-script” file.

2. Now open and edit the file with any text editor, for example Notepad++ and remove the above lines for the stuff which you want to keep. You can also add new lines to add some stuff.

3. At last save the file and put the new udpated script back into the flashable zip.

So this is how you can remove bloatware from your Samsung Galaxy S4. Also, this script is compatible with both  the i9500 and i9505 S4 variants.

Frequently Asked Question

“I run the script, but Google+, Earth etc. Are still there!”

As updated system application is in yours. So all you need to do is Go to settings, then Manage programs and then uninstall app. They will be disappearing for sure.

What Developer Wants from you?

All schoolsux needs from you is your valuable feedback. If you have any issue or you have some question related to TrulyClean script in your mind. Also, feel free to tell him about the stuff that can be removed without  any damage.

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