9 Sites Like Google Play to Download Android Apps

similar site to google Playstore

In today’s article I have decided to cover answer to an amazing question i.e. Is there any similar sites like Google Play store to download Android apps? So, if you’re reading in this article means that you’re looking for something that I’m going to cover in this article. So keep reading.

similar site to google Playstore

Google Play Store is one of the most popular place to download and purchase Android apps, as it has a plethora of apps in different categories. But actually there are lots of similar sites like Google Play store that you can use to download apps. So, what if you’re using an Android device that doesn’t allow you to access Google Play store? Or you want to try other apps which doesn’t match Play store criteria? Not an issue, Android devices are not restricted to Google Play, as you can download apps from different sources too.

In this article I intend to share with you some of the best Google Play Store Alternatives to Download Android apps, why don’t you take a look at first one:

Why to Check Site Similar to Google Play Store?

There are lots of reasons that make you check Google Play Store alternatives and some of the are listed below:

  • Get Discount on Premium apps or give you money saving offer
  • Give you recommendation of some good app which never pop up in the Android market.
  • Provides you a small and filtered list of best Android apps for a specific age group or purpose.
  • Show you list of apps which are specifically designed for your country.

What are risk and issue to use Google Play Store Alternatives?

Like advantages, there are lots of demerits of using Google Play Store alternatives and some of the are listed below:

  • Big risk of Malware
  • Poor user experience
  • Delay in getting updates for Apps

Similar Sites like Google Play Store to Download Android Apps

 1. Amazon App Store for Android

A mobile application store for the Android operating system, both free and paid applications.  You can Test Drive apps before you buy it.

 2. Getjar

Getjar provides new app recommendations for you every day and gives you free upgrades and unlocks in your favorite apps and games.

3. SlideMe

SlideME is the best alternative to Google Play, which offers a wide range of free and premium Android Apps from application developers all around the world.

4. F-Droid

On F-Droid you will find a repository of FOSS apps, along with an Android client to perform installations and updates, and news, reviews and other features covering all things Android and software-freedom related.

5. Samsung Apps

Samsung Apps is a marketplace that offers easy access to a variety of applications which are specially designed and carefully selected for your use in your Samsung smart device.

6. AppsLib

AppsLib, the application marketplace for Android Tablets. An alternative market for downloading Android apps to the device will offer paid apps, and in addition to the 2,000+ free apps in their catalog.

7. AppBrain App Market

Another good alternative and best way to find new apps in Google Play (Android market). Make the Android market usable, and find your next favorite app, live wallpaper or widget.

8. AndroidPit

Your site source for Android smartphone news, reviews, our own app store, forum, rooting videos, tips + tricks for getting the most out of your device.

9. MoboMarket

MoboMarket is an interesting third-party Android app market, which combines a fully functioned app manager. Using this market place you can install those apps which won’t be able to get from Google Play Store.

So these are some of the best Similar Site like Google Play Store to Download Android Apps. So give try to these alternative market place for Android and let us know your favorite out of them.

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