10 Best Language Translator Apps For Android

Best Translator Apps for Android

If you already planned you’ve already planned you next journey, then don’t forget to grab some of the best Language Translator App for android which we are going to share in this article.

Best Translator Apps for Android

Language Translation applications have special importance in Google Play Store since it created first for Android Users. There are lots of language translator app which helps you to translate text between more than 60 languages and even some trying to do all the work for us. Also these applications are really helping  us in learning  new language. But the question is which are best application which you can use on your Android mobile?

To answer this question I decided to get some better application under the same hood with the help of this article so that they will aid you through the process of language education and translation. But it’s also a fact that quality  and good translation come in price.

1. Google Translate

Google Translate is one of best Google Language Translator which dominates in Android Market and also iStore. By using this application, you can Translate text between more than 60 languages. Even you can speak your phrases and hear the corresponding translations

2. TransZilla Translator

Another Good language translator which uses Google Translate and support 50 languages. This is good for words, sentence translation. All you have to do is type text in the translator and click GO

3. Universal Translator

A Lightweight  android application which is very easy to use translator from any language to any language which is totally based Microsoft api. By using this  you get Speech synthesis,Voice Recognition (English, French, German, Italian or Spanish). This application also translates sms
Share translations or share url/text with the translator and more.

4. Fast Translator

We can say that Fast Translator be also a good language translator because it support 37 (full list is provided in the app). You can Send sms, mail, Facebook, your translated messages in any language and more

5. Translate 

This app translates texts from other applications in a language you understand. Translate text to the languages you understand directly from other applications. It supports translation between 50 languages using Google’s translating services. Must watch video shown on android market page which is linked below for How to use

6. Translator + Dictionary

The translator + Dictionary is an awesome application for android which you can use for both purposes (Translator + Dictionary). It includes 2 modes sentence-mode (use it for translating long sentences; will give you one most accurate variant of translation) and word-mode (will provide a wide choice of translations) for the best experience of translation. It supports English, Russian, German, Italian, French, Japanese’s, Chinese, Spanish, Czech, Korean and many other languages

7. Tran’sLator  

Another Good App to Translates text, phrases and SMS using Google’s Translation service. It keeps the translations in a list and filters them when you enter a text. Further it lets you send a translation by SMS or Email.

8. Tourist Language learns & Speak

This application helps in the translation of useful phrases for you to learn or use in foreign countries. This application helps you get around in a foreign country. The supported translations are in Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Further releases will add dictionaries for Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian and others.

9. English Translator

Amazing and free online multilingual tool that translates words. With this android application you can translate text between different languages which are English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese and Swedish.

10. Word Lens Translate

What makes this application different from other language translator application is that you can instantly translate printed words with your phone’s camera and lots more. But for this you need to play a genuine price i.e. 3.99 $

11. Jibbigo

Rather than a dictionary this one is a translator of speech. You need to pick out the language in which you want the output and then  speak out the sentence for it to be translated in voice format. It can translate about 21 languages in speech and for others the translations show as text.

12. Voice Translator Pro

You can use to simply translate phrases or words in more than 10 languages. The voice or speech recognition is quite effective and has the capability to decipher even garbled and complex phrases. Price is $3.99

13. Trippo Mondo- Voice Translator

Can be used to translate phrased in over 30mlanguages and needs internet connection.

So these are best apps which I found better Translate app for users who are searching for Best Language Translation Applications.

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