30 Unique & Best Wallpaper for Android Mobile 2014 Download

Star Fish and Stones

In this article we’re going to answer to a question which is related to homescreen customization of Android i.e. What are some best and unique Wallpaper for Android Mobile Phone? 

Today, we are presenting list of the Beautiful Android wallpapers, designed by some of the finest and most creative artists around. Android Phones  are most popular and coolest Smartphone in the world. The only Smartphone which lets down the Apple iPhone to #2 and presently rulings over Smartphone world. Many people use Android Smartphone for entertainment or work and has become a very nice gadget. Everyone that needs one a way to personalize so first step is a nice wallpaper that will decorate the screen. So we compiled the list of the best Android wallpaper that will help you in choosing the perfect one for your Smartphone screen.

The wallpapers have a 960×800 pixels in resolution and are usable on the all Android Smartphone. As every Android Smartphone provides the feature to crop an image to fit the device I don’t think you will face and Smartphone resolution issue.

Note: Below featured wallpaper dimension is not actual. So if you want to download them, simply click on the name of the Android wallpaper to get the original dimension which is 960×800 pixels.

So, let’s begin with our article:

1. Open Those Doors

Open the doors

2. Looking for Higgs Boson

Looking for Higgs Bonus

3. Halloween On a Little Planet

Halloween Little Planet

4. Smiling Emoticon

Smiling Emoticon

5. Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

6. White Tree

White Tree

7. Berry Wild

Berry Wild

8. May Flowers

May Flowers

10. Autumn Leaf on Tarmac

Autumn Leaf on Tarmac

11. Angel And Demon

Angel and Demon

12. Apple Vs Android

Apple Vs Android

13. Fish in the Bulb

Wish in Bulb

14. Starfish and Stone

Star Fish and Stones

15. Nature Color

Nature Color

16. Nuclear Water

Nuclear Water

17. Color Drops

Color Drops

18. Grasshopper


19. Infinity


20. Fire Abstract

Fire Abstract

21. Bass


22. Zippo Colors

Zippo Colors

23. Paradise


24. Dark Road

Dark Road

25.  iOS Android

iOS for Android

26. Concha


27. Heineken beer

Heineken Beer

28. Milkyway

Milky Way

29. Beautiful Nature

Beautiful Nature

30. Comaro 2

Camaro 2

We all know that there are thousand of wallpapers available for Android over the web, but we gather some of the best under the same hood. And if you have any good wallpaper don’t hesitate to share with us.

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