21 Best Ways to Optimize and Improve Android Battery life

To conserve a battery of Smartphone for a whole day is sometimes a war to win. But winning a war is not so difficult when there are  a few tips that help you to optimize and improve battery of Android mobile. Here in this article I’m going to share with you some best ways to improve android battery life.

Optimize and Improve Android Battery life

We love to listen songs, exchange text with friends, talking to friends and many more even doing all this things what we want is full battery of our mobile device. It could be possible only if we will take care of some important things like to switch off your phone when not in any use, dim the lights, switching off the vibrations etc. So without wasting a single second, lets start with tips to boost or improve battery life of your Smartphone, lets we start with

1. Fully Cycle Charge

To Maintain the efficiency of the battery, you must fully charge the battery once a month and try to use the battery power less than 20% of full. Keep that in mind that this should be performed without any pause.

2. Suitable Temperature

Best Suitable temperature for battery charging is 0-45 degree. Too high and too low temperature will harm your phone’s battery. Also try to protect your mobile from direct sun and high temperature.

3. Breathe Freely

Try to take off the cell phone’s cover while charging your device, otherwise it will generate heat which is very harmful for your Android device.

4. Disable Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is very convenient and free but it needs much power than 3G networks. If possible, disable Wi-Fi and enable only when you need it  also saves lots of battery power.

5. Mobile Data

3G,4G networks consume, much more power than 2G network. If possible, disable 3G, 4G and enable only when you need it. In the mean time you can use 2G network for upcoming notification. It also saves lots of battery power.

6. Disable Auto Sync

For Background data, Auto Sync is used for Google real time synchronization, such as Gmail, Google contacts, etc. If you don’t need these functions try to avoid auto sync.

7. Disable Bluetooth

Like Wi-Fi Bluetooth also consume lots of battery power. If you don’t use a Bluetooth headset, then try to switch off Bluetooth.

8. Short Screen Timeout

Reducing Screen Timeout it also helps to save battery power. If possible, then make it 1 min or shorter.

9. Adjust Brightness

Screen brightness also consume lots of energy, but if we lower the brightness than we can save lots battery power and you can provide your device a good running.

10. Disable Apps in Background

Apps In Background also consume Battery, So make sure that no application should be running in the background.

11. Disable Auto System Update

Most of Android apps provides “Auto Update” which requires much power and if you willing to increase the power of your battery to some more extent, then disable auto update app or you can also increase the auto update time interval.

12. Close Mobile Vibration

Every one knows vibration in mobile consume lots power so try to use this feature of Android device when you are in noisy places or at meeting otherwise trying to ignore this feature.

13. Use Power Control Widget

Using a Power Control Widget is also the best way to save battery of your Android device. If this is already on your desktop, then its ok otherwise long press on your desktop and selects the widget and scroll till you didn’t get the power control widget.

14. Remove Unnecessary Home Screen Widget

Home screen Widget which you are using also consume power. Try to remove the Unnecessary Home Screen Widget which is only statue there.

15. Disable GPS

Like Wi-Fi and  Bluetooth GPS also consume lots of battery power. If you don’t need GPS help then disable it, To increase the power of android battery.

16. Use Facebook and Twitter if needed

If Possible Try to avoid Facebook and Twitter surfing on your Android device. It also helps to save your battery power.

17. Enable Airplane Mode

If you’re travelling try to put your mobile device on Airplane mode if possible. This little tip can save lots of power on your device.

18. Use Power Saving Apps

There are lots of Power Saving Apps available over Play store which helps users in lower battery consumption and squeeze more power out of your mobile device battery. You can try Juice defender

19. Use Ads Free Apps and Games

Try to use premium apps and games on your device in place of free app. Because according to some survey  its proved that free apps consume lots of power due to ads running on it.

20. Wallpaper and Themes

Try to avoid live wallpapers and dark theme on your device as it also consumes lots of power with no profit to you.

21. Root your Android Device

You can also root your android device to improve android battery life. But it also has drawbacks, so if you want to know more about you can read more about What is Rooting and Unrooting in Android

After reading these tips, some users might feel that its better to sale their mobile instead of following these tips. Because these tips close down some of your favorite features of the Smartphone. I just shared a way to optimize and Improve Android Battery life. I’m not forcing anybody to follow these its all your wish to go with these tips or ignore them.

Also if you feel I forget to add any good name feel free to share with us.

14 thoughts on “21 Best Ways to Optimize and Improve Android Battery life

  1. Really respect your efforts, but this really means that get rid of your android phone and use Nokia phones instead. Why would I buy android phone if I don’t want myself to synchronized with my gmail account? Or use google talk instead of messaging? What’s the point of having widgets if you really need to remove them? I think manufacturers need to give it a thought.. As much as they’re putting in to introduce new models every month, put a little more effort and find better battery solutions for us..

    • I agree with your point but we can’t do nothing if you want to use our smartphone long last you have to choose one option

      1.Optimize your smartphone using above tips Or
      2.Charge it with short interval of time

      Now its your wish which side you want to do.

  2. The GPS on my samsung galaxy S2 eats up the battery really quickly, Also turn off data when not in use.

  3. Article has some good points, but some points are not entirely true, at least on my device (Droid X)

    WiFi in particular uses significantly LESS battery than 3G and it’s suggested that you should use WiFi whenever possible over 3G.

    Also, the only reason to turn GPS off is if an app is always using it and you don’t want it to. Otherwise GPS only turns on “on-demand”. It’s not always on, unless you’re using Google Maps or some other tracking software. But yes, when in use, GPS and Bluetooth do use a lot of battery.

  4. This is the worst article I have read in a while. You might as well use a pay phone and its pretty much saying don’t use your smartphone as a smartphone. Seriously thanks for wasting my time.

    • I show you all the ways which you can use to optimize your android smartphone.Now its your wish whether you want to follow them or not.I guess you might love to carry your smartphone charger wherever you go isn’t.

      And thanks for your response:-)

  5. Love these articles that basically say … Don’t use your phone. If you follow all these steps you might as well go back to a flip phone. If Google can’t make Android use a battery correctly they should just not make Android. It is ludicrous that in order to get decent battery life I am not suppose to use any of the actual features that they advertise.

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  7. These are really awesome tips, I tried some of them and its really works like charm to me.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice list :)

  8. I am genuinely thankful to the owner of this web site who has shared this impressive paragraph
    at at this place.

  9. One of the best article I found on web to increase the android battery life, thumb up :)

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