Top 8 New Features in iOS 8 You Need To Know

iOS 8 Features
iOS 8 Features

Apple incorporation has declared iOS 8 as one of its most colossal updates yet. This was declared at annual conference of worldwide developers this year. The upcoming model of the brand new iPhone will not include the overhauling facets like iOS 7, instead it would rather have even advanced, tweaking, and a sort of functional add ups all along. There are too many in number that Apple has deliberately put a hid in order to let the users to dig it out. However the potential users are just desperate to get some knowledge about these concealed and tremendous features of iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad.

The best of all exclusive stuff in iOS 8 is about to be explained in the underlying piece of information. It has simply put a glow at the worth of iPhones and iPads because the value will be supreme. So here we go:

1. Make and Receive Calls Even When NO Signals!

You can now make and receive calls even without signals on your cellular phone. Yes! It can be replaced by the wifi facility. For the very first time Apple is providing an exclusive support for wifi calling. It gives you support even if you have blotted or interrupted access to wifi. This will not affect the quality and clarity of voice in calls. This was never anticipated but the astonishing features of iOS 8 have made it possible to experience such a fastidious shot.

2. Characterizing the Battery Usage

Now the user will be able to find out about individual app’s battery consumption. The owners of iPhones and iPads will get to know that which app is grabbing most of the battery portion. This can support in various lines of attack. For instance if you are facing a battery curtail or not able to recharge it for some time, you can shut some heavy or burdening apps down such that your machine can extend its battery timing. This app is going to outperform the experience during travels and long lasting hangouts.

Battery Usage

3. Handoffs

It offers a function of auto detection. Your Mac will detect your device when it is placed nearby. It starts functioning after one time setup run wizard. Once you set up your device with your Mac, it will automatically start detecting it onwards. You can use your Mac to handle your device such as messaging, emailing and etc.


4. Panoramic Photo Function

With iOS 8, you can use panoramic photo function through your device. However, this function was introduced for the first time in midst of the year 2012 when iPhone 5 came in the limelight. Currently, iOS 8 provides a default feature through which you can capture photos on 360 degree sweeping. It gives awesome views and exclusive capturing experience you would never have had using iOS 7.

5. Face Time Call Waiting Utility

It enables the user to execute Face Time function. It means that you can have call waiting and at the same time you can take it while holding on to the other call. It does not merely affect the quality and transitivity of any of the calls. Even though you can resume talking after ending up the call you took amid. This utility will be supported by iOS 8 only. You can use it on your iPhones and cellular iPads broadly.

6. Travel Notifications System

Travel time notification system form Apple’s calendar app is now compatible with the iPhone and iPad using iOS 8. If you have some appointment or meeting, your machine will give you alerts about the remaining time and sometime before the event time. Many other apps are already offering this sort of offers e.g., several of the android apps. Yet it is one of the classy features for Apple users indeed. iOS 8 is offering a sort of functionality for the very first time.

Trave System

7. Private Browsing Tab in Apple Safari Browser

Private browsing means to browse through the internet without leaving any history. The passwords you enter will not be detected in any case. This is a handy feature for the ones who use a shared device. Along with this, the websites you go through will not be come in to access as history function will automatically become disabled in private browsing.

8. Now supporting DuckDuckGo

Along with private browsing utility in safari, iOS 8 now supports the DuckDuckGo browser which by default does not capture any of your browsing activity. If you need to access some importantly sensitive information over the internet, such as accessing your private online bank account, you can go ahead with this. This is even helpful for your entirely personal data lookups. This is a handy tool if you are frightened about your information safety.

More useful features:

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