The 360cam Really Does Cover Every Angle


GIROPTIC is a growing company that’s rising through the tech ranks and creating a big name for themselves with the creation of the world’s first ultra-high definition 360º camera. For the first time in all of camera recording history you can capture a completely edge free image. The concept for the design is groundbreaking because it’s hard to imagine even how to view an image like that, much less how to capture it! For so long cameras have been trying to catch up to the human eye and offer a more realistic capture method of the beauty that we see through our personal lenses every day. Now, however, it looks like the human eye might have a little catching up to do.

The 360cam device is actually made up of 3 cameras that work together to immediately capture and stitch the images together. With one click you can see the world from every angle. This immediate synchronization was one of the biggest technological achievements for the product because there are similar products on the market that offer methods for you to compile and build extended view shots, like a simple panorama feature on your phone, but the 360cam does all of the heavy lifting for you.

The device was designed mainly for nature enthusiasts who were craving a better way to fully compress the vastness of nature into a still, complete image. To give the fans what they wanted the 360cam is rugged, waterproof, light weight, and completely portable. It’s also enhanced with many sensors, interfaces, and connection modules so that you can utilize it for every project. Record videos, stream in real time, and take photos on the same, ingenious device. Can you imagine getting a 360º time lapse view 30 feet under water? Well, now with the 360cam you can!

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