10 Brilliant Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Will Love


If you’re looking for some great last-minute gifts for that special guy in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Whether Dad is a long-distance business traveler racking up those mileage points or a dedicated home chef with some summer grilling on his mind, we’ve got you covered.

What’s that you say? Your dad would rather be playing Angry Birds or fiddling around with a new techy toy? Is he just hoping to spend a relaxing evening on the back porch sipping a few of his favorite beverages? Not to worry. There’s a great gift for your dad, too. Just check out this list of inspired Father’s Day gift ideas:

For your dad, the master of the BBQ grill

The hardest part of grilling the perfect steak is knowing when it’s perfectly cooked. Whether your dad is aiming for that ideal medium rare or the classic well done, he can achieve his ultimate grilling success — from his smartphone — with the iGrill.


Hey, don’t forget the tools! Dad always told us to use the right tool for the right job — and he’ll be well-equipped for all his culinary masterpieces with this sleek set of BBQ tools from Cuisinart. The tools are made from long-lasting, easy-care stainless steel and they come packed into a handy case.

If your Dad has the desire but lacks the expertise, how about a great cookbook for meat-eaters? “Carnivore,” by well-known Food Network chef Michael Symon, is packed full of recipes from smoked lamb ribs to down-home barbecued chicken legs. Dad will also learn a lot of useful information about the various cuts and qualities of meats in this useful, colorful collection.

Find them at Amazon.com:

iGrill – $39.99

Cuisinart 14-Piece Deluxe Stainless-Steel Grill Set – $23.75

“Carnivore” by Michael Symon – $24.43

For your dad, the tech fancier

Whaaat? Your dad doesn’t have a tablet yet? You’ve got to be kidding. Set him up with a toy he’ll love forever, with the super-popular Google Nexus 7. This tablet comes highly recommended by the experts, and you can get one at a price that won’t bust your budget.

Google Nexus 7

If Dad is especially proud of his smartphone photographer talents, try giving him the Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Printer. It’s a really cool little gizmo that combines all the nostalgia of an old Polaroid instant camera with all the latest tech bells and whistles.

For techie Dads who want to protect their smartphones, give them the gift of a personalized casing designed by you as a Father’s Day gift. A phone cover is an unexpected gift, but it does a double duty job of protecting the gadget and a sentimental keepsake.

Dads who want to get in shape or stay in shape will love a gift of a wearable health tracker. Two popular ones priced right are the FitBit Flex and the Jawbone UP.

Find them at Amazon.com:

Google Nexus 7– $195.49

Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Portable Printer – $199.95

FitBit Flex – $97.99

Jawbone UP – $75.74

For your dad, the traveling man

Now that Dad’s got a few nice techy toys, why not give him a traveling kit to keep it all organized when he’s on the road? The Grid-it Organizer will keep his cords untangled and his gadgets safe.

GRID-IT! Organizer Case

Looking for something a bit more traditional? Try a handy travel organizer from ToiletTree. It’s ready for all Dad’s shaving gear and even comes with several airport-approved containers for shampoo and aftershave.

And if Dad’s overnight bag is starting to look shabby, it’s time you got him a new one that reflects his class and style. The Herschel Weekender is a great choice — a nice combination of good looks and practicality.

Find them at Amazon.com:

Grid-it Organizer – $10.02

ToiletTree Travel Organizer – $24.95

Herschel Weekender Travel Bag – $79.99

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