How to Text Your Contacts Directly from Facebook Messenger App for Android

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Social media giant, Facebook always tries to add some cool feature to attract visitors. And this time it’s about the stand-alone Messenger application. Few days back Facebook Messenger got voice-over-internet-protocol calling, after that sticker and now social media giant added one of the necessary feature  of cellphone function i.e. Texting with Facebook messenger app. At first, some of the Android users got a notification to import their text messages, and also provide the ability to send and receive text messages straight from Facebook Messenger.

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Facebook Messenger App is a mobile phone based application that enables you to chat with all people added to your Facebook account with the help of instant messaging service. You can chat with multiple people at the same time. Furthermore, you do not even need to log in to the Facebook website, rather just sign in to the mobile phone app. And with this feature users will get text functionality and Facebook messages under the same hood.

But many users are still confused about this feature and want to know about sending text from Facebook Messenger. So to clear this confusion, I decided to create this tutorial:

1. The first thing you need to check whether yourFacebook Messenger App is activated or not. If it’s activated you will get this message “Now your text and Facebook messages are in the same place.”

Text from Facebook Messenger

2. Once it’s confirmed that the service is activated. You can start texting to your contact friends straight from Facebook Messenger, whether it’s on Facebook or not.

3. Open Facebook Messenger and click on (+) Plus sign and you will get option to filter friend list with “Name or Phone Number.”

Text from Facebook Messenger2

4. Selecting friend to whom you want to send message, add your message in providing space and “click send.” And this is how you can send text from Facebook Messenger.

Text from Facebook Messenger3

5. All your text messages will sync with Facebook Messenger, texts appeared alongside regular Facebook messages.

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At any point you don’t want to use this service in Facebook messenger and want to get rid of it, you can go to Facebook setting, then tap on SMS/MMS and uncheck enable text message option.

Note that you must read:

  • The texts were not imported to the desktop version of Facebook, nor to the native app.
  • This text message from Facebook Messenger will charge standard prices. Facebook will not charge extra money from you.

So this is all about Facebook new text message feature of Facebook Messenger, I hope my tutorial really helps you. Also don’t forget to share with me whether you really like this feature or not?

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