Will You Drive a Google or an Apple Smart Car?

Google Lexus
photo courtesy of Google
Google Lexus
photo courtesy of Google

Two technology giants are battling out the designs of smart cars. In one corner of the ring we have Google and the other corner Apple. These two massive companies are in competition with one another in all of the tech markets. We see them dueling it out with cell phone upgrades, tablet operating systems, computer software, and Web browsers. They also both have a smart home initiative underway. When the chips fall, so to speak, and these giants have created smart cars that are road ready, who will you side with? Will you stay loyal to the company that supports your cell phone operating system, or will you go with whoever sells the best car for the money?

What is a Smart Car:

A smart car is a self-driving vehicle that will take passengers to their desired locations by way of navigation through GPS. This is an ambitious goal that has been in the works for 5 years already. The hope is that the first smart car will be released by the year 2017. Now, of course this is all hopes and nothing is concrete. However, the thought of having self-driving vehicles on the road in the next few years is like living in a sci-fi movie.

Why Will There Be a Market For Smart Cars:

One of the main aims in creating the smart car, or self-driving vehicle, is to make cars safer and lessen accidents. Humans can’t possibly know exactly where they are in relation to the other cars around them. A smart car has the ability to know if you are in someone’s blind spot and adjust speed to drive safer. With this technology, weaving in and out of traffic technically should be done without as much error.

Not only are these vehicles intended to provide safety on the road, it is also intended to keep stress levels down in people. Many people that have long commutes deal with a lot of road rage. It can take a person upwards of 30 minutes to unwind after a stressful drive to and from the office. The smart car acts as a chauffeur and drives the person to their destination without the stress of driving.

Smart Car View

Will You Drive a Google Smart Car or an Apple Smart Car:

Since these two major companies are working toward building cars that will support your cell phone’s operating system, will that play into your decision of which car you would choose. Think of how convenient it will be for your phone and vehicle to be compatible. Is it possible that the make of the car will influence your decision on cell phones and computer purchases?

As Google and Apple fight it out to who will get the first road ready smart car on the market, now is the time to turn your mind to which vehicle you would choose. Will it be Apple or Google?

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