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Quitbit Smart Lighter Designed To Help Users Stop Smoking


Smoking, like any other addiction, is hard to quit. And even though we’ve all heard the multiple side effects and health hazards it can induce, some people just get hooked. Fortunately, special programs and help groups exist to assist smokers, although these can be time consuming and expensive.

The new app and “smart” lighter Quitbit has, however, completely revolutionized the process to stop smoking. Through its inventive design and latest wireless technology, it helps smokers manage the habit like it’s never been seen before.

Smart Lighter Technology

The device utilizes a special heating element to light your cigarette. Yes, you read that right. No match or fire is needed. Simply place the cigarette gently on your phone’s screen and it will light up with the heat generated from a small outer coil situated at the top of the device.

Like so, Quitbit will keep track of every time you use it. It will show you blatantly how many cigarettes you’ve smoked in a given day, how much time went by between each one and how many cigarettes you’ve smoked since you started using Quitbit.

The psychology behind this technology is simple, “if you can measure it, you can manage it.” Realizing how many cigarettes you’ve smoked in 24 hours and how much money and time you’ve inadvertently spent, will serve as a motivational stepping stone in the ultimate journey for self-control.

Integrated App Features

quitbit app

In addition, Quitbit features an app essential for jotting down your smoking trends and progress. For instance, it allows you to know in which days of the week your smoking the most. It lets you maintain a “customized smoking plan” to limit the number of cigarettes the smart lighter is allowed to light up. And, it allows you to share your goals and experiences with others by linking your progress to social media and smoking communities around the globe.

As if that wasn’t enough, Quitbit uses the latest wireless technology and is fully compatible with Bluetooth, LE for maximum convenience and ease of communication. Furthermore, your smoking trends and data can all be synced to both Android and iOS devices.

Clearly the methodology behind the features is simple: it keeps you engaged, active and motivated. It becomes like a competition, where you want to see how much more you can go without smoking. Like a salary, where you want to see how much money and time you’ve saved by quitting. And finally, like a family, where you want to see what other people are saying about your progress as they share their own experiences and support with you.

More on Quitbit

The device works with, or without a smartphone. It simply attaches to the back of your mobile phone, meaning that the days of the lost lighter are over. In addition, it’s rechargeable and can last one full week on a single charge. Overall, the design is simple, easy to use and meant to encourage smokers to understand, manage and keep track of their smoking habits, in an effort to one day eliminate them.

Quitbit – The first smart lighter and app to track smoking | Kickstarter

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