Are Garage Storage Lifts Worth It?

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A garage storage lift can be a great solution to your garage’s storage needs, giving you some much-needed vertical storage that does not eat into your limited floor space. However, this might not sound like much of a selling point on its own, especially to people with large garages.

Is a garage storage lift worth buying, or would you be better off spending that money on something else entirely? If you are considering getting one, then it helps to know what they can offer and what kind of situations they are best suited for.

Saving Space

The main advantage of a garage storage lift is the way that it can lift things upwards, allowing them to free up floor space and avoid getting in your way while using the garage. As long as you have a decently high garage, you can even store large items closer to the ceiling, which can save even more room overall.

While this might not be ideal for storing everything, it still provides a great place to keep items that you only need infrequently and do not necessarily have to keep on hand. Even if you do need them, it only takes the press of a remote to drop the lift down and grab your gear.


Different garage storage lift options are suited for different things, but they are also usually versatile enough to work for multiple tasks. For example, a lift platform could hold tools, storage boxes, spare parts, or even an entire bike if you have room for it.

Of course, specialized options are also available, such as hard-top lifters that can raise the hard-top backs of certain cars and trucks. These might not be as flexible, but they can be invaluable as a regular part of your garage’s design and your personal preferences for how you work.


Most storage lifts are fairly compact, with even big universal heavy-duty lifters taking up very little space overall. Most of them are controlled with a simple remote or wall-mounted button and do not require any specialist knowledge to operate beyond getting used to how they are controlled.

This means that they can be an incredibly effective storage option that will easily fit into any existing garage and do not require a major refit of the entire space to install. This simple design can make a huge difference if you are already happy with how your garage is laid out.


The convenience of having overhead storage is obvious. Not only do you take up less floor space and have to dedicate less room to storing things, but you can also access the overhead storage from anywhere in the room as long as you have the controls to lower it again.

This can make garage storage lifts a very good way to store more things in the room without having to use up extra space or clutter up existing storage options. This can be especially important if you park your car in your garage since you can store items over your car and still keep both of them easily accessible.

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