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Kairos: The Smartest Watch!!!

Kairos incoming call
Kairos incoming call

Technology has given birth to yet another miracle-the Kairos hybrid smart watch. It’s a perfect amalgam of traditional watch and their digital counterparts, with a high tech touch that is sure to bedazzle you.

The watch is 46mm in diameter and about 16.5mm in height. The width of the band is 22mm. the band is made up of genuine, rich leather and is replaceable. Crystal Sapphire Glass has been used in its design. The watch is absolutely water resistant.

The mechanics of the watch involve a Miyota 8257 Japanese automatic movement or a 25-jewel Soprod A10BV-2 Swiss automatic movement. A transparent color, ICON type OLED display has been employed. The full functional capabilities of a smart watch like the weather reporting, notification functions, remote control, fitness tracker etc are present in it. So what makes it different then?

Windows 8.1 support has been added to the Kairos hybrid smart watches. And it fully supports android, windows and iOS operating systems. That’s what gives the edge to these Kairos smart watches. Kairos is where technology meets design, elegance and sleekness. Notifications from incoming calls to facebook and messages, twitter to incoming emails notifications, everything is displayed on the virtual screen.

The specifications of these smart watches have indicated a battery life of 5-7 days and hands’ movement life of 42 hours given by a 180mAh battery. It can be charged with a USB charging cable with magnetic connector. The Bluetooth feature is also available. Various sorts of sensors have also been incorporated in it. Vibration detector, accelerometer, touch sensor, gyrometer etc have been made a part of it. The 316L diamond cut stainless steel casing is another of the astonishing features of these Kairos hybrid watches that makes them stand out.

Kairos smart watches have completely revolutionized the concept of iWatches, outranking its other market competitors. It contains an Arm Cortex M4 / Intel (TBD) processor.

The company hasn’t yet started selling these hybrid watches but the pre-orders are being placed in large numbers. The price has been premeditated to be around $499 and around 500 watches have been pre-sold. Pre-orders give you the advantage of a considerable reduction in the price but the shipping of the watches has been promised to start around December.  The value is expected to go up around $1199 once these smart watches hit the markets and make their presence known as the smartest hybrid smart watches out there

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