13 Best Health & Fitness Apps for iPhone 2014 Free Download

Health and Fitness Apps iPhone

Today’s article is dedicated to all iPhone users who are very health conscious and looking for some best health and fitness apps for their devices so that they can keep themselves fit just with the help of their iPhone, then you must check this article.

In today’s world where everyone is always leading a hectic life, you need to focus on health and fitness. This is the better way to spend time on your iPhone than simply playing games (as fun as that can be). After all, they say health is the ultimate wealth, and investment in your health will pay off later.

Health and Fitness Apps iPhone

1. Nike + Running

One of my favorite fitness app downloads. This one is a much-liked application on iTunes. Add your friends and you can get motivated by looking up how they are doing. Once you see how many times your friends have run and how many miles they have run, you will be motivated to do it too.

2. RunKeeper

14 million folks are using this application converting their phone into their fitness trainer which they can fit into their pocket. It helps you track your runs, and keep a tab on walks, hikes, and other activities by making use of the GPS on the iPhone.

3. Fooducate

This one aids you in food, diet, and nutrition aspects. This application grades the food you consume and will tell you what is in it and even suggest better choices. It has got a huge database of products and is expanding daily.

4. Ab Workouts Free

People are aware of the basic crunch exercise to lose the tummy but it is monotonous and most folks get it wrong. This app will take you through effective exercises to get that tummy trimmed.

5. Run with Map My Run

This is a great fitness app option. You can work out, train, and keep track of the speed, the distance, the time spent along with calories burnt. Get audio alerts and many more things. Everyone no matter how expert or new to fitness can use this.

6. MyNetDiary

Easiest iPhone diet app, with a huge food database, barcode scanner, and great diet tips and analysis to help you stay motivated for healthy weight loss.

7. Lose It!

If you are getting passionate about losing weight then this application will turn your wish to actuality. It is seamless, it is supportive and provides a personalized experience.

8. HealthTap

This one can answer your queries regarding health and medicine. It provides useful tips from good doctors on your queries at all times for free.

9. Uhear

It is commonly believed that hearing loss is restricted to the elderly. It is not the truth and many people may have hearing loss earlier on in life. It is better to know this, detect this, and deal with it as hearing loss can affect people of all ages.

10. Calorie Tracker LITE

This one is free and supported by ads. It does not have synchrony among devices or with the Livstrong.com site. You can use this one and when you decide to move over to the full-fledged version, all your information will automatically migrate there.

11. Weight Watchers Mobile

This one will aid you in staying within limits and help you make good food choices that are smart and satisfying. This one has new tools for interaction and draws from the stick-with-it power of the new Weight Watchers 360 program from anywhere at any time you want to.

12. Free Menstrual Calendar

This one belongs to FertilityFriends.com. It is easy and simple and has a calendar to chart out menstrual cycles and possible days on which you are fertile.

13. Period Tracker Lite

Press a button at the start of your period every month. Period Tracker logs your dates and calculates the average of your past 3 months’ menstrual cycles to predict the start date of your next period.

So give try to the above-mentioned health and fitness applications and don’t forget to share which one you liked the most

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