4 Apps in the iOS App Store Ideal for Assisting Older People’s Lives

You might use a variety of different apps and software in your daily life. However, have you ever thought about how apps could benefit the older people in your life? If not, here is a guide to some of the best apps for iPhones and other Apple products that could help to improve the lives of the old people around you.

Pill Reminder Apps

Pill reminder apps are some of the best apps for old people, especially those who have to take a lot of medications or who struggle with memory problems. Pill reminder apps can ensure that you do not have to worry whether your loved one has taken their medication or have to remind them yourself, and this could even mean that they are able to stay fit, healthy, and independent for longer.

So, you should look around for the best pill reminder apps for iPhones, such as Pill Reminder, which can alert your elderly person when they need to take their medications and can help them to manage all of their prescriptions.

Brain Training Apps

You should also consider looking into the main brain training apps that are available on iOS systems. For instance, Word With Friends, Lumosity, and Elevate could help your loved ones to improve their memories, could exercise their brains, and could enhance their focus and concentration levels.

These apps could be especially advantageous if your loved one is in a care home. This is because they are portable and can be played anywhere. This means that your elderly person may be able to reap the app’s rewards, even if they are in a care home with a condition such as dementia. Many care homes, like Signature care homes in Hendon, encourage apps like these. Therefore, you will not have to worry about your loved one’s mental health and cognitive ability when they are living away from you.

Medical Alert Apps

You should also consider downloading a medical alert app onto your older person’s phone. These include iMedAlert, which can allow the emergency services to quickly be contacted in an emergency and can ensure that anyone helping your senior will have access to all of their medical information.

If you need to find senior living for your loved ones, investing in Medical Alert Apps can offer peace of mind. You wouldn’t have to worry so much if they might go to places where they shouldn’t be.

This app can also blare an alarm that can alert people nearby that someone is experiencing a health emergency. This app can provide comfort to your seniors when they are out and about and can allow them to get the help that they need as quickly as possible if they start to feel ill.

Additionally, this app helps with swallowing disorders as it can offer valuable peace of mind by providing access to resources and information tailored to their specific health needs. In case of a medical emergency related to their condition, the app can also facilitate quick assistance, ensuring they receive prompt care and support when needed.

Exercise Apps

Additionally, you might look into exercise apps that have been specifically designed for seniors, such as Over Fifty Fitness. This app can give your senior tips and even allow them to join classes that will ensure that they can reach their fitness goals, whether they want to lose weight, stay active, or get fit while experiencing a health condition. These apps can make sure that your senior does not fall into a sedentary lifestyle.

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