10 New Cases for iPhone 3GS 2014

In this article, we’re going to answer the question, i.e. Is there any New Cases Available for iPhone 3GS in 2014? If you’re looking for answer to the same question, then don’t miss to check this article.

Last year apple stopped  production of iPhone 3GS and but still there are lots of iPhone 3GS out there. And if you’re the one out of them looking for some new iPhone cases for iPhone 3GS to give an instant makeover, then you might love to check this article.

In this article we gather some of new iPhone 3GS cases for your favorite Smartphone and don’t forget to share in the comment section, about the one which you liked the most.

1.  Incipio Tribal

Incipio Tribal

The best stone effect cases which are made from eco-friendly silicone, one thing which I really liked about this case is its design and color i.e. Granite Gray.

Price: $12.49

2. CraftSOO Handmade Pocket Sleeve

CraftSOO Handmade Pocket Sleeve

If you’re a business person, then you can try this leather pocket sleeve boasts a pocket for cards and a detachable wrist strap.

Price: $25.

3. Speck PixelSkin

Speck PixelSkin

This handsome cover featuring pixilated protection with its grippy cover.

Price: $14.99

4. Uncommon Bee Flowers

Uncommon Bee Flowers

With this capsule cover get fresh and funky with amazing uncommon bee flowers.

Price: $39.99

5. Griffin Survivor

Griffin Survivor

If you want to ensure full protection of your Smartphone, then Griffin Survivor is with hard-core protection from dirt, sand, rain and shock.

Price: $44.90

6. Incipio Folio Carrying Case

Incipio Folio Carrying Case

Incipio Folio Case will provide a sophisticated look to your Smartphone. This cover is available in black, brown, white and pink.

Price: $12.49

7. Griffin Elan Form Chilewich

Griffin Elan Form Chilewich

Another cool case to provide you a two layer protection, i.e. a woven vinyl textile outer and an impact-resistant polycarbonate inner shell.

Price: $14.99

8. Incase Slider Case

Incase Slider Case

Incase Slider Case provides Slimline protection to your Smartphone, this case is available in black and  pink.

Price: $24.95

9. Monogram Case

Monogram Case

This case helps you to personalize your smartphone with this customizable monogram cover.

Price: $16.99

10. Uncommon Spicy

Uncommon Spicy

Another cool eye-catching design by Ana Romero which you will defiantly love to use to pimp up your smartphone.

Price: $39.95

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