10 Best Galaxy Nexus Cases for Extended Battery Life

Best Galaxy Nexus Cases

Are you a proud owner of Google Nexus device and looking for some cases? If yes is that answer, then you must check this opinion piece. As today we’re going to share with you some of the Best Galaxy Nexus Cases for Extended Battery Life.

Whether you need a extended battery life, tough protection, Or you want to pimp up the look of your device, You will get all type of cases that fit your requirement and your Galaxy Nexus. And to make this list helpful, I have crawled all over the web and shortlisted some best cases from the top case makers.

So without further, let us have a look at cases:

1. CaseMate Galaxy Nexus Barely There Case

CaseMate Galaxy Nexus Barely There Case

One of the best case that offer great protecion from scracthes and small drops. As this is the snap on case which assure protection of your device, but this case offer not much protection at the top and bottom. This case is available in pink and black color.

Price: $25.00

2. CaseMate Galaxy Nexus Tough Case

CaseMate Galaxy Nexus Tough Case

Another case by CaseMate that provides you rugges protection with form fitting protection, bolstered with hard plastic shell. This case is available in black and bright pink color. Also this case is Accessible to all ports and functions.

Price: $40 $14.95

3. CaseMate Galaxy Nexus Pop! Case

CaseMate Galaxy Nexus Pop! Case

Made of both poly-carbonate and condensed silicone / rubber materials. It provides hardsell and rubber grip along all side that help you keep your device in your hands. Also, it can take a beating wherever it happens to cover on the phone.

Price: $34.99 $22.90

4. Incipio Galaxy Nexus Sylicrylic

Incipio SILICRYLIC Hard Shell Case

Incipio’s Silicrylic layered case for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus should provide enough protection for every day accidents without breaking a sweat. the Silicrylic looks good and does it job well enough for almost anyone except the diehard accident prone.

Price: $30 $13.50

5. Incipio Galaxy Nexus Feather Case

Incipio Galaxy Nexus Feather Case

This is hardshell case which has 1.5mm thickness comes in 3 different color pink, blakc and grey. With this you also get screen protector and full access to all button and ports.

Price: $25 $9.99

6. OtterBox Defender for Galaxy Nexus

OtterBox Defender for Galaxy Nexus

OtterBox Defender that protect your phone and keep it like new. This case is made up of hard plastic inner layer with built-in protector and durable silicone out layer that help you protect from damage from scratches, dust and drops.

Price: $49.95 $41.99

7. OtterBox Commuter for Galaxy Nexus

It delivers stylish, sturdy protection which make your device look great. This case is sporty protective solution that help you use your device in any condition. You can also get screen protector as well.

Price: $34.95 $29.99

8. Seidio Surface for Galaxy Nexus

Seidio Surface for Galaxy Nexus

If you’re looking for sleek protection must try Seidio Surface for your Galaxy Nexus. This case protects your device from sratches and drops while adding minimal bulk. In addition the durable plastic enhances the look of your Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

 Price:  $29.95

9. Body Glove Icon Galaxy Nexus Case

Body Glove Icon Galaxy Nexus Case

Another cool hard case with a soft touch finish which provides access to all ports and button. This cases is available in two colors.

Price: $20 $9.29

10. Diztronic Matte Black Galaxy Nexus Case

Diztronic Matte Black Galaxy Nexus Case

Diztronic Galaxy Nexus Case is good option if you’re looking for side and rear protection. Also, if you’re looking cases for special trips must try this case.

Price: $8.99

So this is our list of 10 Best Galaxy Nexus Cases which you’re try, give to these cases and let us know which one fits your requirement and your device. You can also suggest some other good cases which you already using and not mentioned in list.

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