List of 10 Best iPhone Car Mounts

Our phones are an important part of our day-to-day life and if its an iPhone we won’t go anywhere even a way of 2 minutes without it. But whenever we travels for long either by our own car its a hectic to locate a place to keep our iPhone safe as there are chances of some scratches if you place phone on dashboard, cup holder etc. So if you are on a search of an in-car iPhone 4/5 holder stop your search here.

Today for the proud owners of iPhone 4/4S/5 in this article I am going to share a List of Best iPhone Car Mounts so that you can keep your iPhone safe and protected and at the same time a mount makes you access your phone easily.

Have a look on these iPhone Car Mounts without waiting anymore.

1. Koomus K2 Car Mount

Koomus K2 Car Mount

A mount from Koomus offering you 360 degree rotation when fixed on dashboard or windshield. This mount comes with a 3M Gel pad can be cleaned with water and if you want to change location you can easily do it as it is  easily reattachable even after several uses.

Cost: $14.99

2. NEO GRAB Smartphone Holder

NEO GRAB Smartphone Holder

Neo Grab smartphone holder comes with mulch-angle rotating swivel and a detachable clip. Available in range of colors like Pink, Blue, White, Green and Black.

Cost: $34.99 $19

3. Nite Ize Steelie Car Mount Kit

Nite Ize Steelie Car Mount Kit

Steelie car mount kit includes one Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket and a Steelie Ball Mount which provides an elegant look and durable functionality. Magnetic Phone Socket is featured with a powerful neodymium magnet (safe to use with phone) and silicon center which provides a strong grip and smooth glide which can be easily adjusted in every viewing angle.

Cost: $34.99 $23.64

4. Griffin WindowSeat 3

griffin windowseat

This good looking WindowSeat from Griffin’s made with durable material can easily hold your iPhone with bulky case also. Its 3-point mounting bracket provide strong grip and self-adhesive dashboard mount provides secure mounting surface on dashboard. It also have an auxiliary audio cable with built-in mic for handsfree phone calls.

Cost: $39.99 $31.41

5.  Kenu Airframe

kenu airframe

Airframe comes with expendable jaws which can accommodate your iPhone easily even with case. Its rotating clip holds your device in any angle you want for easy access.  It is described as “World’s most Portable Car Mount” because it weighs less than one ounce.

Cost: $24.99

6. Montar Car Mount


Made with patented suction cup and rubber grip which holds your device in extreme road conditions. This durable car mount offers 360 degree free rotation.

Cost: $29.99

7. Universal Dashboard Mount With Built-In Holder

universal dashboard mount

A universal dashboard mount with compact design featured with built-in-bracket. Best car mount for the states where windshield mounts are not allowed.

Cost: $29.99 $18.95

8. Macally Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder Mount


Designed with adjustable base which perfectly fits in your car’s cup holder. It comes with a flexible neck holder and a swivel neck holder which can be adjusted to desired viewing angle.

Cost: $19.99 $10.15

9. Clingo Universal Car Phone Mount

Clingo universal mount

 Clingo’s sticky pad holds your iPhone tightly so that your device be in safe place and its multi-axis adjustment offers infinite viewing angle so that you may stick to road as well as to your iPhone.

Cost: $34.99 $6.49

10. NKMOS Ultima

NKMOS Ultima

 An ultimate in-car solution is available for pre-order in silver and black color. This smartly designed aluminium holder is featured with rubber padding, strong suction cup, locking lever and release button.

Cost: $99.95 (Pre-order)

 These were the best in-car iPhone holders in my opinion. Hope you have found one for your iPhone. Let us know your favorite one from all and also tell us about any other mount which you liked that we forget to add in this list by placing your comments in the comment box.

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