Go-To Shop for Strange Yet Useful

I often wonder why people go shopping at physical locations anymore. The internet is a window to the world of every item ever created, so why waste time driving from store to store? If you can’t find it online, it’s not likely to be inside a brick and mortar location. I stumbled upon a great little site last week called that proves this point. This site has items I have never even thought about and many that I should have known I needed.


Coogig is a mixture of great products that are really useful and a few that are must haves without being a necessity. The inexpensive bike light I got there for under $2 could save my life from all the idiot drivers who value a text message more than my existence. Now, do I “need” the toilet monster sticker to scare my kid’s friends? Maybe not, but what the heck, it’s a cool thing to have.

Many people (mainly my wife) say that I’m the worst gift giver in history. That’s probably not true since I usually forget to give any gift at all, so I probably don’t qualify for worst giver technically. Nonetheless I think I’m going to improve my gift giving status with Coogig. The stuff they have there is unique yet so affordable that it will be my go-to site for most gifts I need to send out. Will I still send some of these people gifts three weeks after their birthday? Most likely. I’m very flawed.


Check out if you find yourself looking for out of the ordinary items. I was pleasantly surprised with their wild selection and I can now properly prepare a pineapple, annoy people behind me with my cat sticker on my car rear glass wiper, and my photos went from ordinary to epic with a $3 add on lens I got from Coogig. No need to browse all of eBay or Amazon just to find something that catches your eye. This little site is eye catchers only.

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Shane McLendon
Wannabe geek and FLOW Seeker